We are using the book by Sandie Freed – Conquering The Antichrist Spirit* as a guideline and for informational purposes. (page 213)

Read:  Nehemiah 9:6,  Psalm 24:1,  Psalm 95:3-5

Remember how awesome God is.  He is bigger than our enemies.  He is greater than any other god.

Let your spirit and soul remember and worship God for He is great and worthy of all praise.

Read:  John 8:44

Repent for believing the lies of the devil for you individually, generationally, as the church and as this nation.  Ask the Holy Spirit to convict you of the lies you believe which actually stand against God and work in favour of the antichrist system.


*Conquering The Antichrist Spirit, Sandie Freed, Chosen Books a division of Baker Publishing Group