We are using the book by Sandie Freed – Conquering The Antichrist Spirit* as a guideline and for informational purposes. 

Read:  Genesis 21:14-20 – The Wilderness of Beersheba

The first mention began with Abraham & Sarah.  When Sarah plotted a way around God’s perfect plan and used her handmaiden, Hagar and the birth of Ishmael was the result.”* (page 150)

“Ishmael symbolizes the works of the flesh and being out of God’s timing.  The flesh is antichrist at a high level of operation upon the earth.  It infiltrates every system where God is not exalted.”* (page 151)

“The solution to the works of the flesh is the fire of God.  The wilderness experience requires that His fire burn away all works of any antichrist manifestation.”* (page 151)

Beersheba means “Well of the sevenfold oath”  H884

Repent for ourselves, our generations, the Church of Christ and this nation:

  • all the oaths made in our hearts and verbally which were not of God
  • Repent for the fleshing out of the oaths which we birthed onto the earth
  • Those oaths became altars – repent

Ask the Lord to forgive us for our wickedness against Him.  Ask for God to send His fire to burn in us and burn the dross out of us.

We need His mercy and we need Him to heal us back to Him.


*Conquering The Antichrist Spirit, Sandie Freed, Chosen Books a division of Baker Publishing Group