We are using the book by Sandie Freed – Conquering The Antichrist Spirit* as a guideline and for informational purposes. 

Nine represents the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

2 Thessalonians 2 speaks of the false giftings and delusions of the antichrist spirit”.  (Page 208 Conquering the Antichrist Spirit.)

We repent for ourselves, our families, the church and our nation:

  • For being shaken in our minds, our thinking, by departing from the truth
  • Going into deception
  • Working with the spirit of deception, delusion
  • Operating from this spirit of deception/ delusion/assumption
  • Allowing the son of perditions doctrines to find place in us, to bend us into another image
  • Opposing the purposes of God and wanting to be like God
  • Working with the mysteries of iniquity
  • Operating out of sings and wonders from the wrong source and taking people captive
  • Not loving the Truth who is Christ
  • Covenanting with a strong delusion and believing the lie because my heart has strayed far from God
  • Taking pleasure in unrighteousness

Pray God to bring us back into His salvation and sanctification of the Spirit and a love for His Truth.  Let us respond to His call and stand fast and hold onto the truth we have been taught and which has been built within us in Christ.  May God comfort us and establish us in every good word and deed for His glory.   May our minds be conformed to Christ.

The only way we can stand fast is by standing in the covenant of Christ we have with God the Father which is also about kneeling or bowing down.  Sandie Freed says “ This means we are empowered to stand only when we bow to the covenant promises of God.  We had better be certain that we are bowing and standing for godly principles and true faith in these end times or we will stand powerless against our enemy.”*

Sandie Freed says “ the enemy has established a stronghold of doubt and unbelief in our thoughts, convincing us we are ‘less than’ and ‘unworthy’ to receive the love of God and His covenant relationship.  As a result we have bowed to the plans of the enemy.”*


*Conquering The Antichrist Spirit, Sandie Freed, Chosen Books a division of Baker Publishing Group