8 July 2018
By Ps. Darlene Kalonji

It was truly an honor to have Apostle Natasha Grbich and her team take us through the Congolese and the Shona bloodlines which my husband and I represented.

It was particularly intriguing to see the Shona bloodline and the issues that were dealt with, all of which were National issues at a Macro level which was an eye opener for us as it opened our eyes to the history most of which most of us did not have the depth of and this session was extremely beneficial in that it allowed us to dig deeply into these issues and attain victory on the matters that arose.

When I had first started walking with The House of Ariel Gates Ministries in 2015, I had worked through the Bloodline Repentance book with one of the leaders and most of what was dealt with was on a personal micro level. It was amazing to see how when we went through the same process corporately as a Church that the National issues were dealt it.

I had also worked through the book with the ladies at Daughters of Zion in 2016 and we continuously revisit as the Lord continues to minister different aspects to us.

It was also very interesting to see the Congolese bloodline being done and the differences in the issues that the Lord was speaking to and how some of these were evidently playing out either politically, economically and socially in the current state.

There was a notable interest in understanding the context of doing bloodline repentance among our church members that were experiencing this kind of ministry for the first time.

Thank you very much for continually availing yourself to do the Will of the Father.