4-10-2017 12:00:00 AM
8 – 9 April 2017

by Rustenburg Fire House


The Botswana people as a nation believe in living a peaceable life, accepting their neighbours, and offering understanding to their fellow countrymen. The first president, the late Sir Seretse Khama, used to say, according to one of the Botswana delegates, “The greater battle is that won of the mouth”. When something has gone wrong, they sit down and discuss the problem and reach a conclusion.

Apostles Timothy Carscadden and Natasha Grbich did everything within protocol and first spoke to all the leaders and church fathers about the vision Apostle Tim was brining to Botswana.

Apostle Tim told the meeting that an apostolic word could not be released if there are no leaders. There is more influence if speaking into the mountain instead of targeting the top. He referred to 2 Chronicles 20 – Jehoshaphat situation and his prayer; the prophet points at it and the Apostle says: “Let’s do it”.

Apostle Tim told the meeting about a dream, a trusted prophetic friend of his, in Germany had. It shook him to the core: he dreamt he saw 4 angels dressed as Zulu warriors with Zulu weapons. They were not moving but they seemed to be waiting for release. They said in the dream: “we are here to bring the ‘winds of change’ to Botswana”. The angels were waiting on us.

Apostle Tim presented this prophetic word to the meeting. He said the fact that government had already approached the church for help indicated a Kairos moment and also received a governmental mantle. God wants to set a pattern. It is not about us, but about a nation (He referred to Joseph. As an example, he put wealth in the nation).

The message of change is coming.
Apostle Tim put the question to the meeting: “Are you going to take the mantle?”

Apostle Natasha explained to the meeting the significance of the earth tremors and of the word to be released over Botswana. The tremors could be felt as far as Durban. She shared with the meeting that she and Elizabeth Arceneaux boarded the plane in Johannesburg through gate A29 and they sat in row 9 D and C (D and C is a medical term, to clean the womb of Botswana). At the same time the Rustenburg Team sent her Psalm 29 – The Voice of the Lord (received during prior intercession session for Botswana). One of the delegates told the meeting that the tremor was 29km deep. Apostle Natasha then pointed to the fact that there is no Acts chapter 29, but that we were busy as the saints in writing our own chapter 29.

In the evening we attended an interdenominational service, hosted by Prophet Ramocha from ‘Share the Fire Ministries’. The meeting was also attended by one of the government ministers of Botswana.

Apostle Natasha introduced Apostle Tim. He told the gathering, the Voice of Healing mantle has its roots in Africa. He spoke about William Branhan’s miracles in Durban and there is still an unfinished work. The Lord sent Apostle Tim to Africa to dig the unfinished well. He said the key was in Botswana and the Lord sent the quake to open it up. God is looking for a humble nation. He then referred to the flag of Botswana, the black lines looking like the highway of holiness.
He reiterated the urgency for Botswana to come into the rhythm (for the sake of all other nations).

He called the Durban delegation (Zulu warriors) forward to release the angles of the ‘winds of change’. He released the ‘Voice of Healing and Prophesy’. We danced in four directions to the song of ‘Avulakile Amasango’.
Apostle Natasha then had the 4 Zulu delegates symbolically hand over the keys to 4 leaders of Botswana.
She then went on to explain the concept of ‘giving away what you receive’ when you give away before you take it for yourself, your reward will be multiplied. Pastors were asked to release it through prayer into the nations.

She called the South African delegation forward (4 Fire Houses where represented! – 4 angels!!) We repented to the Botswana nations for all the atrocities we have committed against them. On our knees before the attendees, we received their forgiveness. What a humbling experience.
The following morning our delegation went to different congregations.
Apostle Natasha went to the Dutch Reformed Church where she taught on Palm Sunday.
Apostle Tim taught at Share the Fire Ministries according to the Lord’s Prayer. We need to go up to Heaven when we pray to see what provision is available. There is total provision in Heaven. There are no ghettos and there is no poverty.

Jehoshaphat saw his enemy (3 nations) and knew he needed to get above them. He didn’t face them – he said: “God, you rule over these nations”.

What armies are coming against you? God is much bigger than them; they are under your feet! Get above your enemy.

He prophesied to individuals. In conclusion the Prophet of the House indicated the accuracy of the prophecy by telling us what each person was doing. Apostle Tim was spot-on in each case!
New friendships have been carved. We have learned a lot about our neighbors.

The landing place has been prepared. The ‘Winds of Change’ have been released and are ‘moving’.
Apostle Natasha said God put Botswana on the map.

We pray Lord God Almighty: grant Botswana and us the grace to do what He has sent us to do for a time like this!