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House of Ariel Gate

The House of Ariel Gate is an Apostolic House led by Natasha Grbich who was commissioned as an apostle in 2005. Ariel Gate was established in April 2006 under the oversight of our spiritual fathers. Our vision is FUTURE PERFECT...

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Natasha Grbich

Natasha Grbich is a South African by birth and a Croatian by heritage. Her family emigrated to South Africa by way of Egypt in the World War 2 era. Natasha is a fiery warrior and an inspirational leader. Educated at Wits...

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James Goll Prophecy

Ariel gate is a starting gate, it is a launching gate. It is a new gate and it is like in springtime when a young cow or a young calf is in a stall and it goes forth and it goes forth just with vigour. It goes forth with...

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Fire Houses

Word by James Goll Ariel Gate, I will teach this ministry how to have Fire Houses. I will teach you how to have houses of fire, of healing presence and of worship. For there will be house groups raised up. You say, “Is this a...

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International Coalition Of Apostolic Leaders ICAL is designed to connect apostles’ wisdom and resources in order that each member can function more strategically, combine their efforts globally, and effectively accelerate the...

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