Ariel Gate

House of Ariel Gate’s vision is to see the future unfold according to the plan of God that was spoken before the foundation of the earth.

House of Ariel Gate is an Apostolic House led by Natasha Grbich who was commissioned as an apostle in 2005. With the oversight of our spiritual fathers, House of Ariel Gate was officially established in April 2006.

God is networking us with other kingdom intercessors, with recognized continental and international apostles, with businessmen, government ministers and officials. We see that God is releasing kingdom pioneers from their caves and jails, and they are beginning to pioneer an ancient pathway as they reach for the original patterns, settled forever in the heavens, and declared before the foundation of the earth.

Ariel Gate aims to interlink these kingdom pioneers and empower them to interpret godly strategies and implement them in their spheres.



Jesus Christ bought us with His blood and we do not belong to ourselves. He paid the price on Calvary for us to come into the fullness of our destiny, but it remains our responsibility to present ourselves to God. We must CHOOSE to repent and break all of the agreements, contracts, covenants, that we have entered into through personal sin or inherited from our forefathers.

This process of cleansing our bloodlines is a lengthly and will require diligence and perseverance. It is done it at the cross, but we must work out our salvation with fear and trembling to appropriate it. Natasha Grbich draws on more than 20 years of experience in bloodline deliverance prayer to give us guidelines to do this. This is not just a book to read, but rather a manual to work and pray through, together with the Holy Spirit. If you are wanting to go to a new level in God, this manual will be invaluable to you! 

Travailing Intercession

Prayer is learning the terms of spiritual engagement. Travailing intercession is a high-level protocol that belongs to strategists who want to see the kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven.

Many people have misunderstood, misinterpreted and simply “not got it” up to now. This book is a simple, logical and scriptural explanation of what it means to groan in the spirit and how powerful that really is.

This book will take your prayer life to a new dimension!


The Protocol of the Kingdom

Paul calls us ambassadors of Heaven. An ambassador is a person who is chosen to represent his or her government in a foreign country. We are pre-destined and ordained to represent God’s Kingdom here on earth. Jesus was sent to explain what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. He is the first ambassador and we are called to be like Him.

At the age of the twelve, He knew that He had to be “about His Father’s business”. He also knew that He had to be subject to His earthly parents who were His delegated authority. Our training programme is similar. I believe that extensive protocol training is the order of the new day. Kingdoms and governments are waiting to hear from Heaven’s delegated ambassadors.

The Human Resources Department of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven has a job designed exclusively for you. The tutors and governors are waiting to begin the training programme. Will you be on time?

Will you study to show yourself approved?

Perhaps you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?


To be a Prayer Warrior in The Lord’s Army we need to be in tip-top shape.

Spirit, Soul and Body.