Hopefield FireHouse

Hopefied is run by Izette Carrol, who oversees their community farm – Hope Farm –  where the rehabilitation centre is housed. This centre is for males and the other centre for the women is housed in the town itself now. The farm produces chickens, some vegetables, a little lamb and some pork also. There are other projects like the woodwork shop that sell products in the local craft markets. The whole area was a riot of daisy fields in August! I prayed with Izette and her team (the patients) and they are literally seeing miracles of provision almost immediately!

Hopefield Visit
August 2018  –  By Izette Carrol

Apostle Natasha came to visit us in Hopefield on 20 August 2018. We were blown over with excitement when we heard she was coming to see us and spend some time with us.

Sunday night, the 19 August, first her flight was delayed for over an hour, then she arrived to a miserable, wet and cold Cape Town!

We started off by visiting Beverley Chongo in Mitchells Plain – that was awesome and Apostle prayed for them.


In the evening she ministered to us at Hope Farm. She spoke on 2 Corinthians 13:5 “Examining yourself…” and then also on  Job 1:8 Not everyone is blessed by being disciplined by God.  God is busy building us for eternity taking us from a place of weakness to be stengthened (firetested).
The people of the rehabilitation centres  and the community of Hopefield absolutely LOVED her!!!

We have been having our meetings in a tent for the last ten years. One of the reasons we were blown away was that we have just decided to build (in absolute total faith) a church (recreational building). Just the previous week we laid the outline of the foundation and we could have our Apostle (the builder) to pray and have comnunion on it on the 21 August.

Apostle had a good nights rest and was on top form.  Then we left to take her to Stanford stopping at every plant to take steggies having lots of laughs!

The story goes like this – we were all shifted into another dimension and the blessings for the building are rolling in.  We are building with no money – but for now have everything all the way to include supplies up until the roof.

Thank you Apostle and Ariel Gate it just amazing to be connected to you.

Much love and appreciation Izette and team