Ariel gate is a starting gate, it is a launching gate. It is a new gate and it is like in springtime when a young cow or a young calf is in a stall and it goes forth and it goes forth just with vigour. It goes forth with strength, it goes forth with joy upon it. This is a birthing time. It is an apostolic birthing time. We are in a shift and this ministry will help shift this nation, this ministry will help shift this continent and it will be a gate of light.

The Lord says, This is gate of light. Light overcomes darkness. There has never been a contention when light shows up that darkness remains. For in John, the first chapter, in the 5th verse it says “ and the light shines and the darkness could not comprehend the it”.

The light of the Lord is shining. The Light of the Lord has shone. The light of the Lord is coming and the darkness shall flee. In Jesus name. Father we just declare that there is authentic apostolic DNA that is being released. We are moving, we are moving. There has been a message that has been brought to this continent even for the last 250+ years. There has been a great message that has gone forth. The message of salvation, but now in a time of the fullness of times, we are crossing the threshold to go from salvation to transformation. From salvation to transformation.
Building upon all of which that has gone before, building upon the building blocks of prayer, building upon the building blocks of worship, building on the building blocks of the forerunner anointings of the pioneers. But we are shifting in this hour from salvation to transformation.

Keys, keys, keys , keys, keys, keys, keys, keys of revelation.
Keys, keys, keys, keys, keys of agreement are being released.
Keys (x5) of the father’s heart for the poor.
Keys(x 5) that the treasures of this earth belong to the Lord and they shall be redeemed for the Lord’s purpose. Have you not read, do you not know that the treasures of darkness are stored up for a point and a time to be released for the kingdom purposes.
Keys (x4) of the kingdom are being released in this hour.
Keys, keys, keys of apostolic mandate.
Keys, keys, keys of Israel, God’s heart for His people.
Keys, keys, keys that an overcomer, a warrior anointing mixed with the bridal paradigm.
Keys for the word is fusion in this hour. When multiple elements are mingled together, heated under the fire, a new birth occurs.
In Jesus name. Amen.