Johannesburg FireHouse


The Johannesburg FireHouse is mainly positioned to be a house of intercession.  Cheryl Stanton is the leader of this FireHouse and is passionate about equipping the group to pray for all nations, tribes and tongues to come into it’s original destiny God planned it to be, to receive the healing as promised in Isaiah 61.  She is the “original enabler”  of Apostle Natasha’s Repentance Book.  She started way back in 2010 to work the Repentance Book with Sunday afternoon Repentance meetings, first we used the book to pray for you “the individual” and then after completing the repentance needed for myself we started afresh, for us “as the house / company”, it gave us all greater understanding.  In 2016 we opened up the Repentance School for all to join, to learn and grow and we haven’t stopped… God keeps continuously expanding on each subject, here is some feedback.

Repentance Schools
Cleansing Your Generational Bloodline

By Cheryl Stanton

In 2016 we began to run an official Repentance School for whomever would wish to attend.
When we began praying through the Repentance Book we as individuals and collectively as a group could feel the weight of the repentance as we worked through the prayers.   People often wondered whether they could walk to their cars, never mind drive home due to the extreme exhaustion, or feelings of light-headedness which people experienced.  The Holy Spirit taught us to keep repenting and we gained capacity to repent on a deeper level regarding the same iniquities.  This did not mean we had lost the battles, instead, it meant that the iniquities connecting us to altars and covenants were being loosened and dug up – and if we continued in repentance, faithfully trusting God – He would uproot the roots of those iniquities.     It is amazing to hear the testimonies of people as they experienced healing and deliverance in their inner man.  The Holy Spirit enabled people to forgive others and  themselves when they didn’t know they could.  People have experienced freedom from  curses and strongholds they did not know were holding them in bondage.  As we continue to work through the Repentance Book,  we are trusting God to use this tool to bring nations to Himself for it starts with me as the individual.

Here are some testimonies of those whom has attended the schools:

The Repentance School has taught me that there are various layers to us, we are not just what you see. We are complex human beings and we are being taught to pull down strongholds that belonged to the enemy, things that we are not even aware of that we have on the inside of us.  I remember the 1st year we did repentance and I did not know I had “Daddy” issues; I cried like buckets, I never knew I blamed my dad for divorcing my mom and then he had the audacity to “leave me his baby”, the tears brought such healing, thank you Abba Father.   I am learning it is never just about me as a person, it is about the body of Christ, it is about Nations. Our repentance is bearing fruit,  look at all the corruption that is being exposed. You might feel; why are you doing this, it is all in vain; but just look at what Abba Father is exposing and we all have a hand in this. Keep doing this, keep growing strong, our repentance is being used to clean up SA, to clean the nations for God’s plans and purposes to prevail in our lives and in Nations.  To empty me of me that when Abba Father looks at me He sees Yeshua.
Caroline Chutumia


Before I came to Ariel Gate the Lord revealed to me the great amount of stuff I need to deal with in my generational bloodlines. It is huge. Since I joined the Repentance School the Lord revealed continuously through dreams how I’m dealing with generational stuff, overcoming what my grandparents and parents struggled with and how my children progress because of my repentance and dealing with stuff. He also gave promises for my grandchildren and how they would benefit from repentance and how the curses in my bloodlines would turn to blessings for them if I continue to repent and turn. My experience is that repentance is for sure not a once off event but rather a on going lifestyle. I’m thankful towards God and the leadership of Ariel Gate for the book of “Cleansing your Generational Bloodlines” and the school.
Annalie Van Der Vyver


The House of Ariel Gate are equipping people to return to the original purpose God intended for them and we have several available resources:

*  Repentance:  Cleansing Your Generational Bloodline
(available as a physical or ebook)
*  FREE Introduction 2015 Repentance Schools (available on MP3 download)
*  2016 Repentance School – Level 1 (available on CD set or MP3 download)
* 2017 Repentance School – Level 2 (available on CD Set)
*  2018 Repentance School – Level 3
(still running and CD’s available, see our calendar for more dates)