By Beverley Chongo

The Repentance classes started, Wednesday evening, 25th July 2018 at 19:30, with 30 from different churches in class, ages ranged from 82 to 16 years old. We also had a Tuesday morning class, for those who are not working, to make it easy for people to attend.

Not all people where able to purchase books before the school started, but by the end all could see that it  was necessary to have their own copy of the Repentance book.

If they missed the Wednesday class they could come the Tuesday session as the same lesson was taught. We then had a full day class on Saturday 6th October as we wanted to finish the book because things got a little difficult to attend.

We experienced lots of deaths in our communities for the past two and half months which led to numerous memorials and funerals and then the gang violence made it sometimes not so easy, at night, to move around, but God, we give Him the praise!

So out of the 30 attendees only 15 finished the school, but the others want me to make arrangements, so that they can also finish, they are hungry. I did not take the people through the prayers in the Repentance book, even though we had some prayer times and I asked them to go through the prayers at home, as I first wanted them to have proper understanding what we are dealing with and what it is about and I gave them time to ask questions and vent if they wanted to vent, or cry if they just burst out crying, etc. It was amazing how teachable and open and hungry the group was to learn, old and young.

The 82 year old when explained about why we should repent and why it is necessary to clean your generational bloodline – she came back to me the next day and said with tears in her eyes  “why did I not know this long ago Beverley?  – do you know how God took me back to my childhood and youth years and how I started to repent crying before the Lord?” I could see how her face light up every time God revealed stuff to her.

Another lady, while doing the Repentance classes  – “it’s like gold” – she discovered, she just started sharing with her unsaved family.

I said to her let them watch Apostle Natasha’s teachings on YouTube and she arranged for them to watch and her backsliden brother said that it is the truth and he wants to recommit his life back to Christ. (I did not follow it up further but I am sure she did.)

We had young people in the class and they had a lot of light bulb moments as they taught it was just about accepting Christ and that is it. Reading the Repentance Book, gaining understanding through the teachings and constantly asking questions, has brought so much understanding for them. And they have a deeper desire to grow deeper in the Lord.


Here are some of their testimonies….

Hi, I am Serina. I am so grateful for being able to finish the Repentance School.  I have a better understanding as to what it means to ‘work out your salvation with fear and trembling’. Having to look into my life and actually agree with what is there and needing to deal with it.  There’s much “digging” to be done and I thank God for His grace and that we have a tool, something practical to help us on this journey with our God. Thank you to the author of this book, Apostle Natasha for your obedience to God for sharing such a precious tool with us. 

Repentance School for me was such an eye opener, one of the things that stood out to me was that we can repent for bloodline and the DNA that we carry, things of the past that our great, great, great grandparents did, we are still in a position to repent for that, even if we not aware of it, and yet we still have that opportunity and we don’t allow our condition to determine our position and give more to the Kingdom of God and ask ourselves daily, is God living in our hearts and to grow our relationship daily with God, have a blessed evening🙏
Aunty Merle

My Name is Alethea Khan…My siblings and I went through a major happening like after the death of my eldest sister. It was such a explosion in our face that it actually caused a split in our family with so much hurt, pain and unforgiveness.  
I joined the class and the lessons hit me as hard as a rock… Things that I was sitting with thinking I am fine, which was not fine and the session where we could ask questions and have open discussion was so uplifting and it helped so much as I knew what I had to do, even if I did not feel like it, or think it had to come from my side only…. Due to so many funerals in our church and memorial service I miss a few sessions but I bought the Repentance Book and WOW!  
It’s like every page is speaking to me…I have taken a steps as the Holy Spirit has prompted me concerning getting healing.  It was not easy but I thank God for my mentor Beverley Chongo who has been walking with me …I am not there yet but I am surely not where I use to be.  I just know I had to take the quantum leap of obedience so that my unsaved family and siblings can also experience the Power of Repentance and forgiveness.  I know I am still under construction, but I am willing to get through this so that I can be completely set free and be who Christ wants me to be…take back what the enemy has stolen from me. Thank You Apostle Natasha the Repentance book is a powerful tool to help us make Repentance our lifestyle and so walk according to Christ standards. God bless the House of Ariel Gate.

I believe the course should be for everyone. I did not complete the course but I read the book. Myself and Erica have already used the book to remove some strongholds in our lives. I feel GOD inspired Apostle Natasha to write this book just for me. This course is so necessary throughout the country. There is so much more I wanna say concerning the book. I thank GOD for inspiring you guys and for availing yourselves. GOD bless you guys.
Peter L

Let me say from the offset that I would have never thought ever, that I would find myself on a Saturday or a every Wednesday, well almost sitting in a class learning about REPENTANCE.  I do not have much background when it comes to faith and repentance, my parents were together but separated for as long as I remember, so Methodist and Pinkster was the background, but none came through stronger than the other, I haven’t seen one pursued more than the other, so what took over mostly in a sense was the world, so I dove into experimental things, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, clubbing and boys as friends and boyfriends.  My parents were morally strong and thought me to marry as a virgin, so when I got saved it was a whole new world for me, I know this background is so long but I need its part of the story:  about 2 years ago I got sick with gallbladder, it needed to be removed, but all the while, while in ministry serving on the ministry teams, I still found it fit to minister and drink and have an occasional cigarette and this was even after the operation, my lifestyle still went on, then I got sick real sick, we were having a girls night and we were drinking spirits and ciders while being saved, and then I was hospitalized as the count in my liver was high, that weekend was the first weekend that I really reached out to the Lord and repented for all my doings, to this day I haven’t touched a drink, I had a surgery to fix a hernia , but when I heard about the book and the classes I decided to join, and the Lord revealed to me all the wrongs I have done and he reminded me of even things that my family used to do, it was like day dreams, flash backs, the Repentance book means a great deal to me, as it taught me things that I would never have thought of as we don’t get taught these things always , I’ve now slowly started to introduce the talks to friends of mine, I says slowly because everyone is not open to it and sad to say many do not grasp or understand what I try to bring across, my mom got saved in April and I am starting to talk to her about it and my husband, this means so much to me, to know that we can cleanse our bloodlines and to restore it fully, thank you so much for taking time Aunt Bev and Apostle Natasha and House of Ariel Gate for being obedient to the Holy Spirit, my desire is to clear hear the voice of God and for him to grant me critical discernment to rear my kids in the fear of the Lord. Thank you for a chance to restore the estate and set things in order.