Ariel Gate Christian Academy (Est. 2014)

Ariel Gate Christian Academy (218-581 NPO) has entered its fifth growth year, since it was established in 2014, from 27 learners to 137 learners (2019). We are a non-profit organization which believes that quality education should be affordable to parents. Natasha...

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Pentecost Sunday

9 June 2019 It is a privilege to spend the appointed Pentecost Feast Day at House of Ariel Gate. Apostle Natasha once again expanded our understanding on what Pentecost is all about and she made it clear that it has always been an "anniversary" of the bridal mandate...

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Apostle Timothy Carscadden Visit To Durban FireHouse

5 - 7 May 2019 By Dumile Cele  As always Durban was blessed to have Apostle Timothy Carscadden visit us. The timing (5-7 May 2019) of his visit was very strategically placed at the eve of South Africa’s 5th national elections (8 May 2019). We believe that has visit...

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Passover Sunday

28 April 2019 Apostle Natasha explained that Passover is an appointed time and that the appointed times were set by God for us to give testimony.  We should be testifying to principality and powers of the goodness of God and of the tangible presence of God in our...

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