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“Both our Lord and the devil know there isn’t anyone on earth more powerful than a travailing intercessor who truly knows how to pray effectively. God stands ready to open heaven to those believers who learn the art of intercession. Angels await divine instructions that will cause the darkness over our families, our nations and the world to be pierced by marvelous breakthrough.

On the other hand, the enemy is absolutely terrified at the thought this could happen. He knows it would release God’s best for us and for our families. Marriages would be healed and financials fortunes reversed. Nations would be changed and set free. It is for this reason that he has done everything he can to discredit the intercessory prayer ministry and cause so much misunderstanding to surround it.

Apostle Natasha has done an remarkable job in teaching us how to explore these exciting new dimensions of prayer and intimacy with God. She does so in a way that is wonderfully helpful to us by breaking down this mysterious aspect of prayer into practical steps any believer can follow and come to love. Reading this book will leave you feeling as though you have opened a door and taken a step into another world, marvelous and life-changing, that previously was only understood and accessible to a select and chosen few.

I should point out this book isn’t about theory or hypotheticals. Natasha leads an incredible group of intercessors who have for years been journeying through these extraordinary realms of life changing territory. I have prayed with them on many occasions and been blessed by them. You not only need this book, it needs to sit beside your Bible and be picked up and referred to often. It will help change who you have been in prayer into the incredible and powerful world changer you were created to be by God.”

Dr. R. Heard, PhD.
Christian Tabernacle, Houston, Texas


Break The Curse, Live The Blessed Live – Fransi Van Wyk

Why do so many of God’s children live under a curse?

Many Christians are sick or in bondage, experience financial lack, or die at a young age. Where is God? Why doesn’t He prevent his children from suffering tragedy and hardship?

For the past twenty years in ministry, FRANSI VAN WYK struggled with exactly the same questions.

In this book, she will show you:

  • Where these curses come from
  • How to deal with the sins of your fathers
  • What the Courts of Heaven are and how they operate
  • How to break curses in the Courts of Heaven
  • Step-by-step guidelines to hold a bloodline prayer session safely and effectively
  • Model prayers to break the most common bloodline curses over your life

Multitudes have already experienced deliverance with these prayers: serious medical conditions were healed; divorces and bankruptcies were prevented; women were able to have children after repeated miscarriages; and others were delivered from serious addictions.

Choose today to break every curse and bondage over your life. Jesus paid the price for your freedom. You too can experience the riches of God’s blessing.

You too can share in His victory!


Also available in Afrikaans:   Breek Die Vloek, Leef Die Seën

Available At House of Ariel Gate Bookshop:   R170

Redeeming The Land By Gwen R. Shaw

This book is a weapon! You will be changed and your land will be changed as you are awakened to rise up, go forth and do the mighty works of God. The call to Redeem the Land is now in your hands.

Read it. Do it. And you will leave your impact upon both the seen and the unseen world.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Gods Original Created Work was Perfect

Chapter 2: Satan His Titles, His Works and His Aims

Chapter 3: The Five Original Curses

Chapter 4: The Origin of Apostacy

Chapter 5: Tracing Nimrod and Semiramis Through the History of Israel

Chapter 6: Things that Give the Evil Spirits Legal Right to Set Up Their Base of Operation

Chapter 7: Ranks of Demonic Ruling Spirits

Chapter 8: How Satan Establishes His Territory

Chapter 9: How Satan Works and Whom He Attacks

Chapter 10: What Happens When Gods Laws are Transgressed

Chapter 11: The Authority of the Believer Over Demon Spirits

Chapter 12: The Powerless Church

Chapter 13: The Lords Table

Chapter 14: Testimonies of Redeeming the Land


Available From Ariel Gate Bookstore @ R160

The Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan – Jennifer LeClaire

A literal onslaught of principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this age, and spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places is working overtime to fulfill Satan’s mission in your life.

In The Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan Jennifer LeClaire discloses these pestering spirits, reveals their agendas, tells how they operate against you, provides strategies for resisting them.

Available at Ariel Gate Bookshop  

Selling For: R230

The Visitation – By Jeff Jansen

3 CD Set – Signs and Wonders – The Heavenly Encounter – and Bonus CD

Signs and Wonders:  On this CD, Jeff shares the testimony of how he was awakened at 11:22 pm into a physical encounter with two angels…

The Heavenly Encounter:  On this CD, you will hear the testimonies of individuals who encountered a personal visitation in the face of a beloved friend…  This message will help you develop a deeper hunger for intimacy with the Holy Spirit, bring you into a place of more freely experiencing the manifest presence of God, and explain how God often uses sings and wonders to do so.

 Bonus CD:  On this bonus CD, Tom Hardiman of Morningstar Ministries, shares insights on The Visitation and others like it.  He was asked by the church in Cincinnati to come and give definition to what happened and explain that supernatural encounters like these are normal and need to be validated and embraced.

Available at House of Ariel Gate Bookshop

Normal Price R170   –  SPECIAL FOR JUNE/JULY18:    R130


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