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JHB Repentance School: Cleansing Your Generational Bloodline

Johannesburg FireHouse   The Johannesburg FireHouse is mainly positioned to be a house of intercession.  Cheryl Stanton is the leader of this FireHouse and is passionate about equipping the group to pray for all nations, tribes and tongues to come into it's original...

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Feedback On Egypt Trip

30 September 2018 – 8 October 2018 By Shirley Swannack Firstly, a very big thank you to everyone who prayed and fasted into this trip for us, you certainly laid a solid foundation for the Lord to build on. On our first day we arrived at 1.20am and after getting our...

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The Feast Of Tabernacles

Our Feast of Tabernacles was very different, due to the date and location being shuffled around this year and also the planning and organising of the Egypt trip.  The feast thus ended up being held in Johannesburg for a Saturday only. This was very significant for us...

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Hopefield FireHouse Visit

Hopefield FireHouse Hopefied is run by Izette Carrol, who oversees their community farm - Hope Farm -  where the rehabilitation centre is housed. This centre is for males and the other centre for the women is housed in the town itself now. The farm produces chickens,...

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Stanford FireHouse Visit

August 2018  -  By Rita du Preez Apostle visited Stanford in August, we received her and a bakkie load of Hopefarm products from Izette (Hopefield) on the Caledon road as the sun was setting over the canola fields and passed the pink compacta veld with just enough...

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Summit 2018 – Put A Mark

6 - 10 September 2018 “Put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done within it.” Ezekiel 9:4 What an exciting summit!! We where ready to present ourselves before the Lord to receive the mark as those who have His heart...

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