We are continuing to pray and repent with Part 2 of the Prayer & Repentance In Respect Of Antichrist Spirit:

Some territory has been retaken for Christ in our hearts but it is not a finished work in us yet.

The nations still do not belong to God.  so we are continuing.


DAY 14:

We are praying and repenting for ourselves as individuals, our families and generationally, the Body of Christ – the Church, our nation.  As we keep praying and repenting, May God give us nations as His inheritance.  May He use our prayers and repentance to build His Kingdom.  We are growing in capacity but it is the Lord’s battle and we are following Him.

Remember to take communion and you can use the covering prayers in the Repentance book as well

The Book “Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan by Jennifer le Claire)1 has been used as a reference for these prayers.

Page 146 … “Rejection works subtly to destroy your self-esteem and your purpose.  Rejection causes you to feel sorry for yourself and play the victim.  Rejection opens the door for other spirits, especially Jezebel, to build strongholds in your mind.  Rejection spurs you to reject other people before they have an opportunity to reject you.  Rejection wants you to base your worth on what you do instead of who you are in Christ.  It may shock you to learn that scientists liken the pain of rejection to physical pain.  ………. Psychologists have discovered that rejection does more than influence our emotions, it influences our cognition and physical health. Rejection is an ancient assignment!”

Pae 148 … “There is true rejection, but there is also imagined rejection.  Indeed, rejection often works through imaginations.  The spirit of rejection can twist your perception of circumstances so it looks and feels as if you are being rejected even when you aren’t.  In the natural it’s called a misunderstanding.  But if you don’t cast down the imaginations that ride on the back of misunderstandings, the spirit of rejection will work to form a stronghold in your mind that controls your thought patterns and makes it easy for this demon to hold you in bondage.”


Meditate on Ephesians 1:1 – 14, Colossians 1:13-14 and Isaiah 53:3

  • Repent for working with the spirit of rejection. Giving it operating room in your soul. Remove its tenant rights.
  • Repent for agreeing with the ancient assignments and doctrines built in you generationally and operating within the body of the Church of Jesus Christ.
  • Repent for measuring yourself against others. Agreeing with covenants, blue prints and decrees of the enemy over your life, generationally and the Body of Christ.
  • Repent for self-hatred, self-loathing and rejecting yourself.
  • Repent for all the imagined and actual rejection done individually, generationally against yourself and others.
  • Repent for not casting down the vain imaginations (2 Cor 10:5)
  • Ask the Lord to break the power of shame, guilt and condemnation and to dethrone all its influences in your thinking and reasoning.
  • Repent for all the markers within your dna of rejection and ask God to remove those markers and triggers and remark you generationally with His Love, His Spirit.
  • Repent for rejecting God’s purposes for your life from the processes and influences of rejection in your life.
  • Agree with God’s ancient assignment for you, your family, generationally and the Body of Christ.
  • Ask the Lord to heal all the trauma and wounds of rejection in your body, soul and spirit.
  • Ask the Lord to heal you to be able to love God with all your heart, mind and strength and then to be able to love yourself and others out of a healed heart set on God’s purposes and plans.


1   Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan, Jennifer leClaire, Charisma House