We are continuing to pray and repent with Part 2 of the Prayer & Repentance In Respect Of Antichrist Spirit:

Some territory has been retaken for Christ in our hearts but it is not a finished work in us yet.

The nations still do not belong to God.  so we are continuing.


DAY 3:

We are praying and repenting for ourselves as individuals, our families and generationally, the Body of Christ – the Church, our nation.  As we keep praying and repenting, May God give us nations as His inheritance.  May He use our prayers and repentance to build His Kingdom.  We are growing in capacity but it is the Lord’s battle and we are following Him.

Remember to take communion and you can use the covering prayers in the Repentance book as well

The Book “Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan by Jennifer leClaire”(1) has been used as a reference for these prayers.

Page 5 – Read 1 John 4:2-4

We have to be careful not to take this teaching out of context.  Surely false prophets can claim Jesus is Lord.  That doesn’t prove they are working for Christ.  If you look closely, the fruit of their ministry will belie their words.  At the same time, antichrist spirits are at the core of false religions that offer some other way to heaven besides Christ, the door”.

Page 8  Gen 3:1-7 

“The antichrist spirit’s weapon of deceptive reasoning ultimately led to the fall of man.  God has given us the ability to reason, but He also has commanded us to obey.  An antichrist spirit will attack your mind so you will reason your way into disobedience.  The antichrist spirit also will attack your identity in Christ, and this spirit – the spirit of the accuser of the brethren (Rev 12:10) will inspire people to rise up against you and lay all manner of false charges at your feet to wear you out.”

Excerpts from page 10

“ This anti anointing spirit is working to quench the Holy Spirit, to combat the gospel, to persecute believers.”  …………..   As John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus’ first coming, these demonic forerunners have been voices crying in the wilderness for years, preparing the way for Satan himself with deceiving agendas that target the confused, hurt and lost.”


“The late evangelist and pastor David Wilkerson once said this about the antichrist agenda:

“You must understand – the antichrist is not going to suddenly appear on the scene and overwhelm humankind.  Rather, his spirit is mysteriously at work now, setting up his king in cold, comprising hearts.  And when the Man of Sin finally appears, he will be publicly revealed to a world that is already prepared for him – to hearts his spirit already possesses!  Right now we see a growing antichrist sentiment and conduct.  But soon this will turn into a flowing stream and eventually a vast ocean.  And when the Antichrist finally appears, even many former Christians will welcome him – because their hearts will be of a kindred spirit”(2)

  • Repent for all the agreements, alignments, covenants and vows made with the antichrist and my generations have sinned against you in our idolatry, stubbornness and witchcraft and I am repenting today.
  • We have been disobedient to you and our reasoning has been perverted. Our hearts have been turned away from you and we have blasphemed and mocked you.  We have stood with the accuser against you and I repent of this today.
  • Lord please cleanse us and forgive us. Have mercy on us and release us from the bondage of antichrist spirits including blindness and slumber.
1   Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan, Jennifer leClaire, Charisma House   
2   Falling Away To The Antichrist, David Wilkerson, World Challenge Pulpit Series June 26, 1995.