We are working through scriptures and repenting for the iniquity and wickedness formed in us through all the ages.  The iniquity empowers an ungodly antichrist system to operate and as we repenting, we are taking responsibility for the sin, transgression and iniquity as individuals, as families, generationally, as the nation and as the Body of Christ.




 “The Antichrist” by Arthur W. Pink ISBN 978-0-8254-3502-7 – Some information has been used from this book.

Read Revelation Chapter 13:6 – 17


Repent for:

  • Blasphemy –  We repent for despising God, having contempt in our hearts and thoughts towards God;  Spurning God, rejecting God.  Look at Strongs numbers  H5006 and G988 (Refer Blue Letter Bible https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/Lexicon/Lexicon.cfm?strongs)
  • Repent for generationally empowering the antichrist structure and system and ask God to break down the antichrist structure in us and build up the Kingdom of God in us.
  • Repent for being marked with the markings, sound and names of blasphemy especially on our heads – thus carrying its image, thought patterns, doctrines, strategies and allowing the antichrist to have governance over us as a nation, as generations.
  • Deuteronomy 31:20 Repent to using and abusing God to satisfy our own lusts and then discarding Him until we need Him.  We have done this as individuals, nations, generations.
  • 2 Samuel 12:14 Our blasphemy against the Lord has brought a curse of death upon our generations.
  • Psalm 107:11 Walked in contempt of God and His counsel.
  • Isaiah 1:4 We have provoked God to anger through our blasphemy, unrighteousness, contempt and rejection of Him.
  • Matthew 15:19 Our hearts are wicked and we have constructed iniquity generationally. Repent.


Research the word “blasphemy” in scripture and use the scriptures to pray and repent through. Some scriptures to look at are :   Mathew 12:31;  Mark 7:22;   Colossians 3:8;  Revelation 13:1;

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to renew our hearts and spirits that we may worship Him in spirit and truth.