By Cheryl Stanton

We are reading through Genesis 16 which begins with Sarai who was barren.  Sarah must have known of the promises of God for she devised with a plan to get the promise of God birthed onto the earth.  She gave her maidservant to Abram to sleep with and had already decided that the child birthed from Abram’s loins would become the promised child and she, Sarai, would raise the child as her own, thus owning the promise and being part of the outcome of the promise of God.

Genesis 16:5 says that after Hagar had slept with Abram and become pregnant, Hagar despised Sarai and Sarai blamed Abram. Hagar ran away and an angel spoke to her and declared destiny to the unborn child and to the future generations. Hagar was found by a fountain of water on the way to Shur. The word fountain H5869 ‘ayin’ means spring, fountain or eye as in mental faculty. Hagar sees or receives or perceives something of the Lord by these waters,  for this place is then named ‘Beerlahairoi’ H883 meaning ‘’Well of the Living One seeing me”.  Ishmail means ‘God will hear’ H3458 Strongs concordance.  Ishmael’s seed will multiply but Ishael is referred to as a ‘wild’ man which speaks of being undisciplined, untamed, rebellious, wild in nature or character.


Lord, In Genesis 16:2-3 Sarai blamed you for her barrenness and came up with her plan to fulfil your promise according to her understanding.  Father I and my generations are guilty of this transgression against you.  How many times Lord, have you had to hear us complain about your promises not coming to pass and then we make our plans to form the promise on earth according to our understanding.  I repent for not trusting you Lord.  I repent for rebelling against you in my heart and holding you responsible for me not getting what I wanted out of the promised deal.  I repent for making your promises all about me, when it is actually about your glory and your kingdom being formed.  I repent for selfishness, pride and arrogance Father. I repent for using and manipulating people to obtain what I want, no matter the cost to those people. I repent for being self-absorbed and making my life all about me, myself and I.

Father, I repent for myself and my generations for when we birthed our plans onto the earth,  the idea, strategy, seed was birthed out of our flesh and thus permeated with fleshly corruption and defilement unable to produce your kingdom purpose.   Father, we have had many harvests resulting from our plans and these harvests have frustrated your plans throughout many generations.  I repent for trying to force your hand Lord and coming up with a plan which has not brought about your purposes.  Our plans did not bring honour to you, instead the fruit thereof was dishonour, contempt, hatred, pain, blame shifting and division. 

I repent for frustrating your purposes for your kingdom throughout my generations Lord, because of our unrighteous plans.

Father, I repent for all the unrighteous alliances and agreements made by myself and my generations and then when fruit began to come forth from these alliances, we ran away and did not take responsibility for our actions.  Father please forgive me for running away, blame-shifting, not seeking you to put matters right before you.  Lord, have mercy on me.

I repent for using my ‘eyes’ to see the vision according to my opinion and perception and I formed the vision in my generations according to my hearts desires Father.  My generations have become hard hearted, rebellious, disobedient, callous of heart, wanting our own way, unteachable because we refused to be led by your Spirit.  Lord we have transgressed against you knowingly and unknowingly and today I take responsibility for this wickedness against you and ask for mercy Lord.  Please wash me, please wash my generations, please cleanse these marks of iniquity off our genetics Lord.  

In your mercy please straighten the paths of iniquity in us that we may walk in righteousness before you.  Lord, you gave Hagar eyes to see something of your nature and your truth, Lord please heal my eyes and the eyes of my generations to see your truth, light, holiness and glory and may we be transformed in meeting the “Living One who sees us”.

Father, I ask that your original purpose and covenant through Abraham would reform in our genetic structure.  Lord please heal us in our family, in our generational ancestral genetic line, as part of a nation – please bring us into deep repentance for your original mandate to be fulfilled and may you be glorified in all our generations and may your kingdom be established in me, my generational ancestral family and in the nations we represent.

Thank you Lord for your mercy and lovingkindness towards us.

Take communion and give thanks to the Lord for His Blood washes and sanctifies us and that is incredible mercy and kindness.