By Cheryl Stanton

As we have been reading, praying and repenting through the word, may our hearts become soft and filled with thankfulness for the mercy and love which God has extended to us.


We take up the story of the two angels who continued on to Sodom from where they left Abraham and the Lord who had been in examination of the continuance or end of Sodom and Gomorrah dependant on whether a few righteous people could be found in the cities.  The angels arrived in the evening and found Lot sitting in the gate.  Lot pressed them to come to his house for the night – something on them must have looked different to the city as Lot did not want these two angelic beings defiled, to the extent Lot offered his virgin daughters to the men of the city to do what they wanted with them.  It seems to me Lot recognized the presence of godliness and purity on these two beings and the corruption and spirit on the city had not corrupted Lot to the extent of the other men in the city. 

Genesis 19:11 the angelic beings removed the sight of the men trying to find the door of Lot’s house when they had been trying to break the door down to take the visitors by force.  The future son-in-laws refused to leave the city as they thought Lot was joking.

Genesis 19:17 Lot was told to take his family and escape to the mountains of Moab but Lot was afraid they would not reach the mountains in time so he asked to be able to flee to Zoar which was a small city also referred to as Bela (Genesis 14:8).

Genesis 19:26 Lot’s wife ‘looked back” and there is a rabbinical belief that she “looked back to where her heart’s interests were, she lingered behind, not wanting to give up what her treasures of her heart.”

From this city Lot and his daughters moved to the mountains of Moab and it is during this time that his daughters make their father drunk with wine to engage him into sexual acts with each daughter in order for them to conceive.   It sounds like the daughters had watched the devastation of Sodom and Gomorrah and decided they were the ones to continue the generational line since no one else was around.  Purity of thought and righteous intentions of the heart were clearly not present and the question is what these two daughters learned in Sodom which now had formed and framed their plans.

The older daughter bore a son called Moab which means ‘Son of my father’. Moab became the father of the Moabite nation and they were born of incest.  The younger daughter had a son named Ben-ammi which means ‘son of my people’ and he became the father of the Ammonites.


Father, I come to repent and take responsibility for my wickedness, the wickedness in my generations and thus in the nations represented in my genetics before you.  Father, we are defiled, corrupt, lovers of ourselves and we have not restrained wickedness. We have allowed wickedness to rule and reign through corruption, defilement,  sexual sin, incest and our wickedness has been birthed into nations who have continued in our transgressions.

Father, you looked for ten righteous men in Sodom and found none. Father, I repent for all places in me and my generations which are aligned and in agreement with the wickedness in Sodom and Gomorrah and the spiritual wickedness of that area. Lord, start with the wickedness in me, all corruption, defilement and impurity in me – I repent Lord, Lord please cleanse me, transform me, grant me a pure clean heart before you Lord.  May the Blood of Christ wash me and change me.  Lord, I repent for all the plans and birth of plans on the earth and in nations from the seeds of corruption, defilement and impurity in my generational line.  I repent for all the harvests and establishment of iniquity from this defilement into nations and I cry out for mercy Lord, for us.

I have not prayed for righteous men and women to be raised up and found in cities and nations for your purposes and plans to come to pass.  I have not prayed for wickedness to be restrained and blinded – Lord, I ask for your Holy Spirit to teach me to pray for your righteousness to be established and strengthened in cities and nations and thus become a restraint upon wickedness in those cities and nations. 

I repent Father for not loving you with all my heart, but having other ‘treasures’ in my heart.  I repent for not been willing to give up what should be laid down, for holding onto what I should let go of.  I repent Lord for the instability and division in my heart and soul which conflicts with your way and becomes rebellion in my heart.

Father, every form of incest in my genetics, please Lord forgive me, cleanse me, pull it out of me, remove the marks off me and repair your image in me genetically Lord, I want to love you with all my heart, my strength and my mind.  I long to walk in holiness and be found acceptable in you.  Father transform me and my generations for your name sake and your glory.  May the Blood of Jesus, my Savior and my King wash, cleanse and heal us to your original image and intent in Jesus name. Amen.


Abraham and all of his family and belongings moved from Mamre to Gerar which is a Philistine city.  Abraham introduced Sarah as his sister and the king of Gerar, Abimelech, took her into his harem. (First time Abraham did this Genesis 12:11-19 in Egypt).  God spoke to the king in a dream and Abimelech clearly understood what had taken place and what was required of him. This king returned Sarah to her husband, Abraham,  and the king paid 1000 pieces of silver to settle the debt of restoration of Sarah’s honor and cleared her name.  Then Abraham prayed and God healed the barrenness of Abimelech’s household for none could bear children.  This showed how long Sarah must have lived in the household of Abimelech, for otherwise how did they know their wombs were barren or closed up.


Father, I repent for all the fear and unbelief in me which has become a cycle of belief in me.  I repent for not hearing you, and not enquiring of you.  I repent for tweaking plans because all I heard was silence from you and so I tweaked my plans for just in case.  Yet you have mercy for you examine our hearts and the intents of our hearts and I am undone at your righteousness, holiness and mercy.  Lord, examine my heart and help me to know your heart Lord, to become pleasing to you.  Teach me to pray according to your will and purpose. 

Father, every time someone in my generation has behaved as Abimelech did, I repent and ask for forgiveness.  Please Lord, the records of iniquity which speak against me of all the above, I repent and I ask for forgiveness through the Blood of Jesus Christ.  May these records be forgiven and dealt with on the Cross of Calvary.  May the Blood of Christ wash my genetics and restore me to your image Lord, that I may worship you in spirit and in truth.  May the truth of your righteousness and your kingdom be rooted and established in my generations and therefore in  nations for your honor and your glory and your pleasure in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Take Communion and praise the Lord Jesus for His mercy and forgiveness and His Blood which washes and cleanses us of unrighteousness. Thank the Lord for bringing us into the covenant of life with Him.