By Cheryl Stanton


Sarah died, having lifted for 127 years and Abraham purchased the cave and the surrounding land with trees for 400 silver shekels.  Abraham purchased this land from Ephron, who was a Hittite and part of the Canaanite nation. The Hittite tribe descended from Heth who was the second son of Canaan.

Sarah was buried in this cave in Canaan.  Abraham did not try to obtain the land for nothing, or for as little as possible, he paid the price requested before all the witnesses to avoid any future discrepancy regarding his ownership as property for a burial place.


Abraham sent his most trusted servant to his family to find a wife for Isaac so the man went back to Nahor in Mesopatamia, after having sworn an oath to do this for Abraham.  This servant has a relationship with the same God Abraham served, for when he got to the city, not only had he prayed but he understood and had received wisdom from God on what to pray for and God responded.  Rebekah, who was the daughter of Nahor, Abraham’s brother, came out to fill her pitcher with water and ended up giving water to all ten camels.

Genesis 24:21 says “And the man, wondering at her, remained silent so as to know whether the Lord had made his journey prosperous or not.”  Notice he did not get excited after one or two camels had been watered.  He waited until he knew this was God speaking or answering him.

Genesis 24:32 says “then the man came to the house and he unloaded the camels and provided straw and feed for the camels and water to wash his who had gone with him” – there were other men who had also gone with on this journey, most likely for protection and assistance with all tasks required to fulfil this trip.   So, there were men who could have watered the camels.   

Genesis 24 outlines the betrothal of Isaac to Rebekah which was accepted by Rebekah’s mother and her brother as well by Rebekah.  This chief servant has set his mind on returning to Abraham and fulfilling the oath he made.

Isaac is in the fields, possibly praying, possibly wandering what to expect and when to expect the group when he saw them approaching and thus he met Rebekah at the same place where Hagar received hope from the Lord and called the well Beer-lahai-roi meaning the well of the Living One seeing me. (See Genesis 16:13-14).


Abraham remarried again and his second wife, Keturah gave him six sons and a number of grandchildren.  Abraham was 175 years old when he died and was buried with Sarah by Ishmael and Isaac.

Only Isaac inherited from Abraham.  All the others of his family were given gifts and sent away for Abraham understood that God had set Isaac in place as his inheritance.

Ishmaels sons are all recorded in this chapter, verse 16 says ‘twelve princes according to their nations.’  So Genesis 16:10 has come to pass on the earth, and is not yet complete.

Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebekah and 60 years old when his children, Esau and Jacob were born.  There was a struggle for she was barren at first and Isaac pleaded with the Lord and the Lord granted his plea.  Rebekah struggled with the pregnancy and asked the Lord and His answer is in verse 23 “two nations are in your womb, two peoples shall be separated from your boy; one people shall be stronger than the other, and the older shall serve the younger.”

There is a pattern, Ishmael and Isaac.  Ishmael was the firstborn, but Isaac received the inheritance.  Esau was firstborn but Jacob received the inheritance.  Yet in this instance, Esau had a choice, yet he chose to sell his birthright to Jacob and verse 34 says Thus Esau despised his birthright.  What we do generationally affects those born of our DNA.  Ishmael was also sent away because of his heart attitude of mockery and irreverence towards God and God’s purposes.


Father, I come before you and repent for myself and my generational family line back to Adam, for all the times we have tried to manipulate people, tribes and nations to give us land as cheaply as possible.  Every place Father, we have wanted to pay as little as possible, have cheated people out of a righteous amount, have boasted about getting something for nothing or very little, when what we did was not righteous before you and we knew it but we had no fear of God and no understanding that those deals were being recorded for or against us.  I take responsibility for every unrighteous land deal and trade that my family has been part of, of which the records speak against me.  I repent Lord for my wickedness and transgression against you firstly and then against others, tribes and nations.  Lord, have mercy on me and my generations.  I want to walk in righteousness before you Lord, please teach me to walk in your paths, to be pleasing to you.

Father, I repent for myself and for my generations, back to Adam, for every oath, every promise we made to you firstly and then to others and we did not do what we promised to do.  We took our oaths and promises lightly, we did not see them as holding much weight before you. We broke them without a thought of what this really meant in the spirit realm and before You. Yet, these broken promises witness against us Father before you and we are guilty.  I repent and ask for mercy.  I ask for these broken promises to be silenced by the blood of Jesus and Lord help me, help us to do what is right before you.

Father, I repent for myself and my family where we did not seek wisdom from you in order to pray correctly according to your purposes for us.  We also did not continue to seek your wisdom and understanding but often just forged ahead and did according to our perceptions and human wisdom.  I repent for our wickedness, pride, arrogance and foolishness which we are guilty of Lord and this is transgression against you Father.  I am sorry Lord for hurting you and grieving your Holy Spirit.  Often we just are so quick to act when you want us to be quiet and to seek you and to allow your finished work to be put into place.  I repent Lord for not seeking your ways, but rushing into my ways, which has often led to damage in my life and other lives.  I repent Father for the lives of others I have damaged and I repent Father for hurting your heart with my stubborn attitude.

Lord, thank you for your mercy.  When I read of Hagar and your mercy and then see how you remembered mercy to Isaac for it was not by accident that he was by that particular well, when you allowed him to see his hope for the future, just as you gave Hagar hope for the future. 

Thank you Lord, for the your wells in my life, in my generations which you have not forgotten. I want to come with thanksgiving Lord for what you have done in my generations and in my life, I am very grateful Lord for your mercy towards us. Lord, may you be glorified through my life and the lives of my generational line and may Jesus receive the full reward of His suffering in our lives.

Lord, I repent for myself and my generations for all the wicked patterns we have set up generationally through our despising what you were doing, through our lack of understanding and not caring enough to find out what you wanted to do.  It was all about me, myself, I and us.  I repent Lord, for my selfishness and being driven by my needs and not motivated to find out and desire your purposes for your kingdom through my life and the lives of my generations.  Lord I pray as I repent, I cry out for a deeper gift of repentance pleasing to you and may you grant mercy and break generational patterns in my life and in my generational dna which hinder your purposes and your glory. 

Take communion and thank the Lord for what He has done.