By Cheryl Stanton

There was another famine in the land and Isaac goes to the king of the Philistines and receives permission to live in the city of Gerar. (Remember Lot went to Gerar).  Isaac might have wanted to go to Egypt to follow the path of his father, but in verse 2 the Lord told him not to go to Egypt.

The Lord blessed Isaac and the covenant made with Abraham has been spoken by God over Isaac BUT God does this because of Abraham’s obedience for verse 5 states “Because that Abraham obeyed my voice and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes and my laws.”  Imagine your obedience to God establishes blessings over generations!  No wonder the enemy is so set on making sure we are disobedient to God, through our hearts and desires and works of our lives.  Our disobedience has prevented Gods anointing and blessing over the generations and nations.

Isaac did the same thing as Abraham and introduced his wife as his sister. King Abimelech saw them together and realised she was his wife and confronted them.   The king then told all his people to not harm either one of them.  All the crops and herds which belonged to Isaac has prospered and the Philistines were jealous and the king sent Isaac and all his group away from them.  All of the wells dug by Abraham had been stopped and filled up so that they would not flow.  Think about that for a minute – why would you take a well and clog it up – this is water and water is precious. This sounds like an attitude of if I cannot claim it and own it, why should others benefit.

Isaac moved to the valley of Gerar and there he opened wells which had been dug by Abraham.  The first well was called Esek G6230 meaning ‘contension, strife, quarrels’. But the herdsmen of Gerar argued that the water belonged to them.  So Isaac and his men dug another well open and called it Sitnar H7856 meaning ‘strife, enmity, accusation’ and again there was strife over the ownership of the well.  So Isaac dug a third well and called it Rehoboth H7344 meaning ‘wide place, or broad open place‘; because there was no strife over this well.

From there they moved to an area called Beersheba and dug another well called Shebah H7656 meaning ‘an oath’.  This is where the Lord spoke again to Isaac confirming His covenant relationship with Isaac – in other words Isaac had touched the heart of God and the covenant flow was now not just because of Abraham but also because there is a confirmed relationship between God and Isaac.  Isaac built and altar there and this is the well that was dug there.

Abimelech, king of Gerar and a friend Ahuzzath and Phichol the chief captain of the army accompany him to Isaac and a covenant of peace is made between them and their descendants.

Then a small portion at the end of this chapter states Esau was forty years old and married two Hittite women and it was a source of grief to Isaac and Rebekah.


Lord, you see all things, you know all things and you make all things work for our good and for your glory.  Lord, I repent for all the ungodly patterns which have formed in me and I walk in those patterns without discerning they are not godly patterns.  Lord, I am asking you to show me the unrighteous patterns in me, to open my eyes, give me understanding, take the veil off my heart Lord, that I may see the wickedness and hidden ways in me that I may repent and return to you, I pray this in Jesus name.

Lord, I repent for every well, I and my ancestors, have clogged up, closed up because of our jealousy, self righteousness, desire to own what belonged to others and when we could not own the substance, we closed it down.  I repent for all the times I and my generations have closed people down, closed the word down in people, shut people down because if we could not benefit or own the gift, then we refused to allow the well to bring forth water to benefit others.  This is wickedness against you Lord and I take responsibility and repent Lord for hurting your heart, and harming your kingdom and your people.

I repent for all the strife, contention, quarrels that I and my generations have caused in families, in generations and in the nations through our selfishness, self righteousness, pride, arrogance, sense of entitlement, belief that we should benefit or no one should benefit.  I repent for all the wells of bitterness we have opened, all the wells we have defiled, I repent and I am asking Lord for mercy, forgiveness, cleansing by the power of the Blood of Jesus.  All those wells marked with our names because of what we have done, Lord please would those wells be closed down and no long bring forth bitter water or lack of water.  Open the wells which belong to you, close the wells in us and our generations which do not belong to you and cleanse us of our wickedness against you Lord.

Lord, I pray, I may become so pleasing to you, that the covenant you desired with Abraham to bless all the nations, would become a reality over my life and my generations for your glory and may Jesus Christ receive the fullness of the reward of His suffering from my life and my generation in Jesus name.

Lord, I repent for every covenant of peace I and my ancestors made and we broke those covenants willingly and knowingly.

I repent for grieving your heart, grieving your Spirit, grieving your Son because of the wickedness of my heart and my generations and Lord I want to love you with all of me and may a well be rebuilt in me that your living water would flow through me for nations, cities and generations for your glory in Jesus name.

Take communion and give thanks to the Lord for His Blood washes and sanctifies us and that is incredible mercy and kindness.