By Cheryl Stanton


Remember in Genesis 25:28, Isaac loved Esau, but Rebekah loved Jacob. There was favouritism which would have caused strife between the brothers. Now in Genesis 27, Isaac was old and wanted to pass on the first born blessing to Esau, probably never been told that Esau had given his rights away to Jacob.  Rebekah heard Isaac speaking to Esau, and then developed her plans to put Jacob in place of Esau.  Jacob had some reservations about the deception and understood he could come under a curse, but accepted his mother’s words when she accepted any curse to be upon her (see verse 13).  Rebekah had really thought this out and I wandered, whether Jacob had told her what he had done and what Esau had given up, especially as it seemed Rebekah and Jacob had a strong mother son relationship, so she probably knew Esau had given his birthright away to Jacob and had probably been trying to work out how to bring it about and then the opportunity presented itself. 

Rebekah prepared the meal, dressed Jacob in Esau’s clothing, put skins of the kids of goats on his hands and on the smooth part of his neck and then sent him to his father.  Isaac was blind and was not fully convinced but is soothed by Jacob, read verses 19 to27.  So to Isaac, the voice was Jacob but the touch, smell, taste of the meal was Esau. So in his blindness, he used his five senses, sight, hearing, smelling, taste and feel, but he did not enquire of God. God also did not prevent Isaac from adhering to the wrong perceptions and I believe the reason for that is Esau had already given away his birthright and God had to honor that transaction. I also believe if Isaac had asked God, God would have responded to Isaac with the truth.  But both transactions left God on the outside of their transactions. 

In verses 28 to 29 Isaac blessed Jacob and Jacob left to go to Rebekah.  Esau had returned and brought his food to his father.  Isaac realized Jacob had received the blessing and Esau was deceived by Jacob twice, first in taking away his birthright and now his firstborn blessing.  Isaac realized that his blessing has placed Esau in a servant role to Jacob and he blessed Esau to be able to fight, take territory and eventually break out from under his brothers rule. 

Verse 41 Esau said in his heart, when Isaac has died, he would kill his brother, Jacob.  Rebekah heard of these plans and and sends Jacob away to Laban, her brother in Haran.  Rebekah thought it would only be a while, verse 44, and told Isaac, Jacob should go to her family to find a wife from among her people.  Isaac agreed and sent Jacob away with his blessing in Chapter 28:3.  Interesting that Isaac blessed Jacob to become a nation, connected him the covenant blessing received by Abraham, including all his descendants and that they may inherit the land which God gave to Abraham.

In Genesis 28:6 Esau saw Isaac had blessed Jacob and sent him to take a wife from among their clan, or family.  Verse 8 Esau saw that his father was not pleased with the daughters of Canaan, so he went to Ishmael and took a wife from that family, in addition to the wives he already had.  I find it interesting Esau went to Ishmael, his uncle,  for their hearts would have connected into a ungodly soul tie through their belief of being wronged by their fathers, deceived by their mothers and their brothers took their birthright. 

Meanwhile Jacob was travelling on his way to Haran.  It says he came to ‘a certain place’ and stayed there for the night.  He took one of the stones of that place, put it at his head and lay down to sleep, and has an encounter with the God of Abraham and Isaac. God spoke the covenant blessing of Abraham over Jacob.  Jacob responded by placing the stone as a sign of this meeting with God. He poured oil over the stone named the place ‘Bethel’ meaning ‘House of God’.  Then Jacob made a vow that he would tithe a tenth of all that God gives him and if he returned to his father’s house safely, he would know God is the God of Jacob as well. 


Father, I come to repent and take responsibility for myself, my generations, ancestors all the way back to Adam.  Father there has been favouritism, manipulation, jealousy, envy, division and strife amongst ourselves and our families.  We have deceived one another through manipulation of people, of circumstances and not once have we thought of what this has meant to You Lord.  I am guilty Lord, all of the manipulation and deception I and my family have engaged in has been recorded before You, it has hurt Your heart Lord, and I am sorry, please forgive me Father. Every place where I and my generations did not place any value on Your positioning of us, Your birthright blessings, but we squabbled and traded to receive whatever inheritance and blessing we could get, whether by deception, murder, manipulation, it did not matter as long as we got what we were after.  I repent Lord, for this is wickedness against You, and my deception is actually a rejection of Your purposes and plans.  I repent Lord, for believing I have a better way and will make things happen for myself.  I forget, You are a God of justice and righteousness and all this iniquity is weighed and measured to us on Your scales.  Lord, have mercy on me, have mercy on us in Jesus name.  I repent of this wickedness and I am asking for the breaking of every cage of deception that is holding families back from Your purposes which I and my family generationally created through our transgressions. 

Father, every transaction of deception and manipulation in my generations, where I accepted the curses upon myself and my family, I repent for my hardheartedness, my arrogance and pride Lord.  Where I totally disrespected You and thought it was of little consequence.  Lord, my arrogance is a stench before You Lord, and I had not understood that the consequences of my words would be felt for generations until the curse was halted at the Cross of Calvary, only because of Your mercy and grace through your Son.  Lord thank you for paying the price for all the curses I and my family line have agreed to, with no thought to the cost.  Lord, You have paid a terrible price to grant us freedom from these curses and I repent for what I have done to You Lord.  Please forgive me, please forgive my generations and cleanse us of this wickedness Lord.  May these curses be dismantled off us which we had agreed to, in Jesus name.

Father, I repent for myself and my generational family line, for all the murders and revenge we have taken against others.  Our hearts are hard and we are filled with bitterness and envy Lord, and not come to You to repent and find Your wisdom.  Instead we have sought out those who would agree with us, those who would bolster us up in our wickedness and thus we felt justified.  Lord, I am guilty Father, my family is guilty.  Lord have mercy on us.  Please wash us, and cleanse us of this wickedness.  All the blood speaking against us, please Lord silence the sound and the call for revenge by the precious Blood of the Lamb of God in Jesus name.  

(Spend some time forgiving and letting go of bitterness against anyone you may have unforgiveness towards.) 

Father, every ungodly soul tie I and my generations have formed because of the deception, bitterness, unforgiveness, in us, I come to take responsibility and repent for this soul tie.  It is not pleasing to You Lord, it has the affect of hardening our hearts against You, we have murmured and moaned against You Lord, in our belief of being hard done by, and we have blamed You Father for this.  Yet it was our decision each time, it was done according to what was in our hearts, what we felt was important or not.  We did not seek counsel or wisdom.  We despised You Father and now we are angry and seek counsel with those who agree with us.  Father, this is wickedness against You and I am guilty, Lord please forgive me, forgive my generations.  Wash us, cleanse us, grant us new hearts, contrite hearts Lord.  Break my heart, Lord, please do not let us continue in this generational wickedness Lord.  Break this in me, break it in my family.  I am turning to You and saying I want to serve You and love You with all my heart, all my mind and all my strength in Jesus name.

Father, I repent for every place I and my generations have built ungodly altars at certain places on the earth.  We have serviced those altars, transacted with the demonic at these altars, made vows, agreements and covenants at these altars for ourselves and others and I repent and agree this is wickedness against You Lord.  I forget that these altars can still transact if we come into their domain, which we set up.  It is only at the Cross of Calvary, by the Blood of the Lamb that my debt can be paid and the altar can be cut off and out of me.  For every time my ancestors ate and drank and anointed these altars, so did I, for I was in their loins and I come to repent and declare I refuse to honour these transactions, I want no part of any anointing, blessing, rites, benefits from these altars Lord.  I give up all the benefits, the anointing, the rights of transaction at these altars.  Lord burn the marks of these altars out of me, please forgive me Lord and cleanse me with Your blood, in Jesus name.

Lord, where I have not honoured You and not understood when You have spoken to me, brought me to a certain place, to show me who You are, to give me understanding of who You are as the God of many generations, who has covenanted with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to bless the nations of the earth through Your Son, Jesus Christ.  I repent and ask forgiveness for lack of understanding, lack of honour towards You.  I did not respond properly with honour and wisdom.  I just either ignored You or took it lightly or took it as my right.  I repent Father for all dishonour in my family against You Lord.  Please forgive me, have mercy on me and my family.  I come to bow before You and ask You Lord, please grant me a heart to hear You, and to bring glory and honour to Your name through my life.  Use my life Lord, to build a covenantal generational lifestyle of holiness and pursuit of righteousness through the future generations of my genetic line.  Use us Lord to build Your House, that You may have a dwelling place among Your people and Your heart may be made glad.  Forgive us for hurting You Lord.  Teach us how to honour You and walk in your ways, in Jesus name.


Take communion and give thanks to the Lord for His Blood washes and sanctifies us and that is incredible mercy and kindness.