By Cheryl Stanton


Jacob was on his way to his mother’s family.  He came to a well and there were 3 flocks of sheep lying at the well waiting for their shepherds to open the well and give them water.  Jacob asked the shepherds if they knew Laban of the family of Nahor who was the brother of Abraham.


This is the same Laban who had given his sister Rebekah as wife to Isaac. Is it not interesting that Rachel and Jacob meet at a well, and this time Jacob waters all the sheep belonging to Laban.  Previously, Rebekah had watered all the camels belonging to Isaac.  God is not confused, He set the meeting in place where He wanted the meeting to take place.

In Genesis 29:15-23 Laban asked Jacob what he wanted as wages, so Jacob must have been working for Laban probably as a shepherd.  The scriptures state “Jacob loved Rachel” so he transacted with Laban to marry Rachel and would work for seven years to have her as his wife.  After seven years, Jacob requested the marriage to take place, Laban agreed and there was a feast.  The bible is not clear what happened but, when Jacob woke up the next morning, he discovered Leah was his wife and not Rachel.  Laban appeased Jacob and after a week of marriage to Leah, Jacob was married to Rachel as well.  Laban also provided maid servants to both his daughters.  Laban at this point was probably ecstatic because he had already had seven years of work with minimum cost to himself, was going to enjoy another seven years of work from Jacob, at little cost to himself, and both his daughters were married and off his hands.

There is a generational pattern being revealed – Rebekah could be devious and manipulative and Laban, her brother, had the same pattern.  Jacob had also shown the same pattern in himself.  Jacob had wronged his brother, Rebekah had wronged her husband, Laban wronged Jacob so the pattern of iniquity is clearly seen.

God has seen that Leah was unloved, not cherished by Jacob and God gives Leah children but Rachel was barren.  Leah had Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah.  Rachel was furious, filled with envy and Jacob did what Abraham had done, he agreed with Rachel to sleep with her servant, Bilhah.  Bilhah had two sons, Dan and Naphtali. Although Leah is not able to become pregnant, she is not going to be outdone. So Jacob slept with her servant, Zilpah, with whom he had two sons, Gad and Asher.

We can only imagine what the jealousy, envy, bitterness and atmospheres must have been like in the two households.  Genesis 30:14 tells the story of Reuben having found mandrakes in the field and he took them to Leah, his mother.  Mandrakes were about virility, fertility, passion.  I wonder what Reuben heard in the conversations around him, and what the conversations were between Reuben, the first born, and his mother.  It was probably very noticeable to all the children who their father preferred as his wife.  The children of the maid servants must have also had many conversations amongst themselves.  So, when Reuben finds the mandrakes he recognized them and took them to his mother. How did Rachel know about the mandrakes?  The bible does not say but they are of such high value in Rachel’s eyes that she bargained with her sister and gave Jacob to Leah for the night so that she may obtain the mandrakes.  I believe Rachel thought the mandrakes would cause her to be fertile and bear more children and thus win the battle between herself and Leah.   Leah is so desperate to obtain Jacob’s affection that she gives the mandrakes up for one night with him.

Two references to דודאים (duda’im, plural; singular דודא duda)—literally meaning “love plants”—occur in the Jewish scriptures. The Septuagint translates דודאים as μανδραγόρας (mandragóras), and the Vulgate follows the Septuagint. A number of later translations into different languages follow Septuagint (and Vulgate) and use mandrake as the plant as the proper meaning in both the Book of Genesis 30:14–16 and Song of Songs 7:12-13.  Excerpt From Wikipedia

In Genesis 30:17 God has watched and listened to all the conversations and motives and He allowed Leah to have a fifth son, Issachar, a sixth son Zebulun and a daughter, Dinah.   In the meantime, Rachel’s belief in the mandrakes has not manifested and there is no pregnancy. Genesis 30:22 says God remembered Rachel and listened to her and opened her womb and she bore another son, Joseph.  Now we know God sees us, nothing is hidden from Him.  So we have to ask the question, what did Rachel do, and say, that pleased God for Him to remember her.  Had God forgotten her, no, so perhaps God remembered the promise and covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and had mercy on Rachel, for in verse 23, Rachel states that God had taken away her reproach.  Rachel understood that mandrakes could not open her womb, she had come to the realisation that it was God and there must have been repentance unto God to bring her an answer.

Genesis 30:25-43  Jacob wanted to go home but Laban convinced him to stay.  Jacob set the terms of his agreement to stay to which Laban agreed and Jacob built up his herds.  Again, Jacob showed his heart motives because he manipulated the herds and through the strategy of what he conceived to do, his herds were stronger whereas Laban received the weaker herds.


Father, I come to lay down my life, spirit, soul and body and repent for myself and all my generations back to Adam, for all the unrighteous agreements and transactions and plans that I and my family have made at any wells.  I also repent Father, for all vows that I and my family have made at any wells, especially vows to you which we did not keep.  I repent for breaking my vows and dishonouring you Lord.  I repent for all the ungodly vows I made which are legal documentation against me and my family up till today.  Father, I am guilty, we are guilty and I repent for my wickedness against you Lord.  Please Lord Jesus forgive me, forgive my generations, may these vows be cancelled through the Blood of Jesus and the finished work of Christ on the Cross of Calvary.

Lord, help me to recognize when I am making vows before you and you have given me a well of provision but I have not valued what you have placed in my care, please forgive me for I have been a wicked servant and bad steward of your resources Father.  Forgive me please in Jesus name.  Give me eyes to see and understanding to work with the resources and wells of provision that come from your Hands, and may you receive all the glory through the correct stewardship out of my life, in Jesus name.

Lord, I repent for all the deception and manipulation of people in order to achieve my goals, the goals of my ancestors.  I am guilty Lord and I repent, please cleanse me with Your Blood Lord, in Jesus name.  I don’t want to have any roots of deception nor manipulation in my genetics, burn it all out Lord.  I want to be holy because you are holy, Father, in Jesus name.

Father, forgive me and my generational family bloodline for all the favouritism within our families and cultures.  This has brought about jealousy, envy, bitterness, pain, rejection and hatred in our families and our wickedness has sown seeds throughout our generations and we have defiled many people Father.  I am guilty and I come to repent and ask you Lord, please forgive me.  I am asking for the cleansing of the Blood of Jesus throughout my genetics.  Forgive me for sowing and producing harvests of bitterness through the nations because of this wickedness against you Lord.  I am so sorry for my sins have hurt you, have damaged your Kingdom purposes.  My only hope is the Blood of Jesus and the mercy found at the Cross of Calvary.  Change me Lord, change my genetics Lord, and don’t leave us as we are, in Jesus name.

I repent for all strategies and plans of deception that we have come up with Lord, in order to strengthen our position and weaken another person’s position.  Every form of deception, through sorcery, witchcraft, ungodly strategies and behaviours to gain territory, power, wealth, benefits of all kinds, I repent and give them up, in Jesus name.  I call for your fire on myself and my generations and ask you Lord, please burn this up in me.  I want to be reformed in the image of Christ and to be pleasing in your sight, Lord.  Please cleanse me, forgive me and change me and my generations that we will become part of your priesthood, pleasing to you, in Jesus name.