The Blood of Christ is our new covenant, it speaks of better things than that of Abel, our inheritance is in the precious blood of Jesus, it is the life spring that returns us back to our first estate.

When He died He released this inheritance to us, we can only be part of this great inheritance by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, when we do this we take on the DNA of Christ, and being washed by His blood become a new creation, part of a new Bloodline born through Christ when we died with Him on the cross through the baptism of water and fire, we are now part of the kingdom of God.

By becoming part of this new Bloodline, and accepting our inheritance in Christ, we start to manifest His image, to continue to appropriate this and grow in the stature of Christ we need to become as He was, the living word of God, speaking truth, and bringing life into a dying world.

We need to soak ourselves in the word daily, making it part of who we are by meditating on it till it becomes life to us, and as we feast on the word of God it becomes rooted and so ingrained in us, that when we speak people will hear Christ.

Whoever has seen me has seen the Father, we have been given these words to point to Christ, when we do this and step out of the way, we allow the way to show them the Father.

Through our relationship with Christ we come into agreement with His truths, in keeping these truths we prove ourselves responsible, then we begin to appropriate and activate the gifting’s Christ has left for us through the power of the Holy Spirit.

To get truth in us first we need to remove the iniquity from our lives, we do this through repentance, by removing this iniquity, we make room and space for truth to live in us, we retain this victory buy continually applying the blood in these areas when we feel the pull to return to those dark ways, it is only the Blood that can sustain the victory in our lives.

Jesus said I am the truth, the way and the life, we need to live our lives in the pursuit to become the imitation of Christ, He was the example of how we ought to live, we need to focus on the truth and word of God, through this we point to the way, who brings life to all.