“He shook Himself and focused again on the cross that waited, welcoming Him, it was growing heavy. He knew it well, He remembered it from the Foundation of the world when He was slain as a Lamb. He had to resist the urge to leave, to opt out before the work was completed. He had lost some Blood, He was covered from head to toe in His own Blood, but He had to be a poured out offering. He had to lay down His life unto death. He had to resist an early death, He had to pay the full price”.

“His side was pierced and Blood and Water began to pour out of Him. A fountain was opened up. A fountain that was a combination of the Light, which looked like water, and the purity of His blood which new no sin, Blood which carried the record of a life lived perfectly”

We, as Christians should not think we have the full revelation of the Blood of Christ. We constantly need to be washed in His Blood and come into an ever deepening revelation of Christ – sanctification is a process throughout our lives. This book takes us on a journey and our hearts and motives are once again examined and we stand in awe, love and reverence of our Saviour.


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