Psalm 148:8 KJV
Fire, and hail; snow, and vapour;…stormy wind fulfilling his word:

Apostle John Osa has been on a year long mandate to pray and have communion with the Lord. His last post of prayers and prophetic decrees, the 365th, was sent out on Tuesday the 13th of February,  at midnight. We are sharing his post here – because the release from the Angel of the Winds of Change that he released has now manifested in the resignation of South African president Jacob Zuma on the 14th of February at almost 11pm, the number of transition. Obviously there have been many faithful intercessors who have been praying for years – and many joined Apostle John Osa – even from Cape Town in the midst of the incredible lightening storm the night of Tuesday/Wednesday – this post salutes us all. Here it is:

The ministry of the wind in bringing change of seasons, changes to impossible situations, changes to nations is legendary. Moses spoke to the wind,  Ezekiel prophesied to the wind in the valley of the dry bones and what better time for the Lord to give Grace for us to speak to the winds that will usher in the change in season.

Psalm 104:4 says He makes His messengers winds and His servants flames of fire.

The Lord who makes clouds His chariots, He comes with the clouds, makes the wind, and lighting His messengers to fulfill His word psalm is still alive.


There is an angel called The Winds of Change, in my study of past great moves of the Lord in the previous generation, the angel called the Winds of Change has been mentioned. This was the angel that was said to be sent to the William Brenham, Bob Jones (released this angel in Shreveport, Louisiana), this angel also was released to Archbishop Benson Idahosa, who was greatly used of God.


Prophet Timothy Cascarden is an American Prophet (from Shreveport, Louisiana), whom I have shared ministry platforms with for a couple of years at the House of Ariel Gate ministry, led by a dear friend and seasoned Apostle Natasha Grbich. Prophet Timothy shared with me one of the occasions that he had an encounter with the angel called The Winds of Change. He was ministering in the Ukraine when the Angel appeared to him and introduced himself to him and told him “there is about to be a military coup in Ukraine and that a man of God would become the leader of the nation”. While the Prophet was declaring this word, there was a man in the audience who has a tv station, who took him to go live on television to give that word of knowledge. That same night after he prophesied, the coup happened and Baptist minister was installed as the interim leader of the Ukraine.The reason he shared this with me was because of some of the things that happened that evening at the Ariel Gate conference (Seeking the Ancient Paths – 28 May 2016).

Apostle Natasha had called us out to sing a certain part of the old song that is now the national anthem of South Africa where it says,“Come Holy Spirit”, in fact, it says,  woza Moya, woza moya oyingcwele. Woza means “come”, moya means “wind”, oyingcewele, means “Holy Spirit”. So that part of the original song of Nkosi Sikele that was edited out in 1994 says, Come Winds of the Holy Spirit!

As Apostle Natasha made us sing only this line of the anthem, I was brought into a vision that we had  been transported in the Spirit out of Johannesburg to a strategic location and saw this strategic gate of Africa in Cape Town (Cape Agulhas) where we had been transported, the gate opened, I saw the flag of South Africa laid on the floor and I saw the Lord Jesus Christ as the lion of the tribe of Judah come from this gate in Cape Town and He stepped on the flag of South Africa laid before Him. As I shared with the audience what I was seeing that night, little did I know that the Angel called Winds of Change had appeared to Prophet Timothy on his way to South Africa to tell him this was going to be a special trip.

Another couple from America shared with me that while they were coming to the conference. They received a prophesy about an impartation that will happen to them in Cape Town and they told the person prophesing that they were attending a conference in Johannesburg not in Cape Town, but as I prophesied of the spiritual transportation, they got it.


Yesterday morning, the Lord spoke to me to change the direction of the wind. What this fully entails I don’t yet know but I will do and put the word out about changing the direction of the wind, a lot can happen when the direction of the wind changes!

Exodus 10:19 KJV And the Lord turned a mighty strong west win.netd, which took away the locusts, and cast them into the Red sea; there remained not one locust in all the coasts of Egypt.

Strange armies can be cut off when the Lord releases grace for the change of direction winds. I believe the Lord has used this 365 midnight prayer and communion to create a change of pressure in the atmosphere. This is our 365th midnight prayer post! He saved the best for last with this instruction to change the direction of the winds.

As we bless, partake and sprinkle out the communion tonight:
Let us thank the Lord for the privilege He has given us to stand with Him on this watch for 365 midnights with communion.
Let us declare the Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ over this midnight hour, over our lives, families, cities and nations.
Let us ask the Father to direct the flow of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ as we sprinkle it out tonight to reach far, wide and deep places.
Let us ask the Father to grant us the opening of the mouth to pray tonight with the help of His Spirit
Let us ask the Father to release upon us the winds of the Spirit to blow away all walls of limitations around us, our families, businesses. Ministries, schools, Cities, nations,
Let us ask the Father to release the winds of His Spirit upon us to dry up all strange waters around us and our cities and nations
Let us ask the Father to saturate our spirits and souls with the winds of His Spirit
Let us ask the Father to release the winds of change in to our lives, cities and nations to bring us into the change of divine seasons
Let us ask the Father to keep the fire of the midnight prayer and communion fire burning in our lives., families, ministries, businesses, cities and nations.
Thank the Father for the spark ignited through this midnight prayer and communion
Thank Him for helping us to compete the task and finish well.

Your fellow watchman
John Osa

This is our last post in the 365 midnight prayer and communion mandate.
Thank you for your support and participation..
The Lord has our individual and collective records and He also has our rewards. Shalom.


To the glory of the most high God who changes times and seasons, in less than 24 hours after the last post on the 365 midnight prayer and communion series, we have seen divine  manifestations. The last post was titled WINDS OF CHANGE. Indeed there are undeniable shakings brought on by the winds of change. Along with other intercessors that were midwifing the plans and purposes of God simultaneously with us,  we have seen rain released in Cape like never before in the last two years. This was attested to by an intercessor based in Cape Town. We also see the resignation of the Present of South Africa, Mr Jacob Zuma and we have heard of the passing away of Morgan Tsvangirai .

As we press in with these winds of change sweeping through Southern Africa, we need to keep the momentum on by continuous prayers.

It is amazing that when  Prophet Timothy Cascaden had an encounter with the angel called the Winds of Change, he prophesied the change of government in Ukraine and it came to pass on the  same day. I was inspired by His testimony. So it was, that the Lord told me to prophesy to change the wind and I did. I used the platform of the 365th midnight prayer dated 14th of February 2018; and the same day, the President of South Africa resigned.

After the conference, Prophet Timothy was instructed to go to Durban . When He told me that, I smiled , I said to myself this man doesn’t even know that Durban is a major East coast city in South Africa and the Angel of the wind of change is following him to the east coast to prepare somethings.

We have not heard the last of the Angel of the winds of change in South Africa. We must pray more for the Father to keep the momentum on this move this is breaking forth now.

We had shared in one of the midnight prayer and communion post that , one of the que of the season of change is the crowning of a new king or  new government. The swearing in of a new President toad, the 15th of February in the year of our Lord 2018 does credence to the winds  of change that is upon us.

The Ariel Gate platform has become a global portal for releasing earth moving word in season. I have often told Apostle Natasha that her ministry is a university standard in the body of Christ.


When I heard David Silver (at the conference) share his encounter with Noah when he died in 2010, was in heaven and Noah told him some of the things that would happen at the 2010 Ariel Gate conference, I knew that this ministry was truly a gate of heaven .

This year, 2018 will mark 22 years of Apostle Natasha hosting international conferences and 22 is significant number. I believe the 22th year will be such an open heavens to usher in a rain of the Spirit that will affect nations.

We need to prepare as the Lord has chosen South Africa to be the global gate to release the Winds of Change into the nations in an unprecedented move, let us enlarge our tent and say, woza moya, woza, oyinclele.

Your fellow watchman
John Osa