2 Corinthians 2:16 says we can be a fragrance of “life leading to life” in Christ.  Mathew 5:13-14 says we are salt and light bringing flavor. These personal dynamics affect the spiritual battle, revealing how our lives as well as our prayers penetrate the battle scene:

This book deals with some concepts in such a easy style, yet has an impact that can change the way we pray for others because the way we think changes.

Some words of wisdom from this book:

*    Don’t react to human beings when your real adversary is the cause of your
*    Holiness is more a ‘heart’ than a ‘rule’ issue.  guard your heart and don’t spank
people with your rules.
*    Your tongue should be the delivery of salt – not to sting the infection of sin in people,
but to bring healthy, desirable flavor as a result of your presence.
*    Winning people to Christ is not conquering them or verifying yourself.  It is about
showing so much of Jesus they cannot resist Him.

This book is a must for every Intercessor.  There are concepts of prayer in this book that we need to deal with in our hearts in order to reach nations.  Jack Hayford tells the story of the man who plants and the woman who bakes bread.  Both are involved in their everyday lives.  The man plants a seed and his work is done.  The sunshine and rain come from God, the life in the seed is inherent.

Regarding the yeast, chemical action takes over.  The woman doesn’t have to attach anything to the dough to inflate it, she just adds a little yeast and the kingdom takes over progressively.

Jack Hayford speaks on “how” we should pray and in this is an incredible strategy.  If you have this book on your bookshelf and have not read it- READ IT.

If you don’t have it – you are missing some parts of your prayer equipment.


(Available in the Ariel Gate Bookshop)