24 & 25 February 2018

What a weekend!!
For us in The House of Ariel Gate, travailing intercession is one of the many foundational elements of the house.  We are so privileged to have access to the revelation Apostle Natasha carries, but in this weekend she took us all to the NEXT LEVEL with her clear explanations and practical guidance of the “what” it is, and  “how” it works, by giving a good description and demonstration of what travailing intercession looks and feels like.Here is a short feedback report from Didi Tselapedi on what the impact it had on her, as a younger generation member:“Apostle Natasha explained that there are at least 12 types of intercessor categories that exist, we need to understand which one we function in, in order to function effectively.  She expressed that we need to move into higher and different dimensions of prayer and intercession, and that we need to move away from praying for myself, my family, me, me, and me. We need to get to a point where we seek what is in God’s heart and make that the subject of our prayer.In order to intercede, you need to be desperate to be “gripped” by God. Therefore, you need to get a hold of God, and God needs to get hold of you and it’s from that point of “gripping” and being “gripped” we pray. Different things, “grip” different people, depending on the passion and fire that was placed in each person. We cannot all be doing the same thing. We are a body that has different parts with different functions and together function as one body.

Apostle Natasha explained and demonstrated that you travail from your core being, therefore you need to be “gripped” from your core (from your belly will flow rivers of living waters).

The burden (travail) that you carry for someone / something is normally not your own. What you need to do is listen to the sound the Holy Spirit is making in you and you then be the amplifier. Let Holy Spirit pray through you.
Travail is the manner in which you express what you feel, what the Holy Spirit is saying. Basically, prayer does not come from you, therefore we need to be still and listen to the Holy Spirit and echo His words.
Lastly, prayer is about us being a delivery mechanism that bring things from heaven to earth.

The weekend was powerful!!”

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