3-27-2017 12:00:00 AM

24 – 26 March 2017
By Qhayisa Tolobisa

Wow, Mthatha after 20 years you once again have been honoured to have Apostle Natasha visit you.

We had initially asked the Baptist Church where we are currently serving, to host Apostle and due to challenges this was not possible. Apostle’s meetings were then hosted at the Tolobisa’s home. We had a wide range of believers, as well as leaders and the Pastor of the Baptist Church in attendance.

On Friday, Apostle explained how the fivefold ministry is supposed to function and this gave a very clear picture to the audience on the need of all these five functioning together, as well as an in depth understanding of the role of the Apostolic. This introduction was essential to our region where the Apostolic has lost its meaning and purpose. This solid foundation has left those who attended with such a thirst for the Apostolic. She closed the meeting by giving us the Rabbinical understanding of Judgement which shook us and further challenged us into another level of repentance. This was mind blowing and the meeting went on for more than three hours.

On Saturday we started earlier and everybody was looking forward to the session. Apostle shared on Philippians 3:10. “Oh that we may know Him”. We had a long session and the more Apostle shared the more the group was drawn to the Apostolic. The session lasted for 4 hours and the Baptist Pastor invited Apostle to their church and was given 15 minutes to share with the church as the Lord pleases.

On Sunday Apostle was asked to share with the church. In the midst of her sharing the Pastor interjected and asked her to share more on the Rabbinical understanding of Judgement which he wanted the church to hear. After the church service Apostle sat with the church leaders for an hour. This was an open session where leaders asked a lot of questions about the Apostolic and towards the end of the session she released a prophetic word over the church. The people are so hungry for the present revelation of the Apostolic.

Foundations have been reset and we firmly believe that what was impossible to do before, will now be able to be done. Firehouse Mthatha was officially launched and will be meeting on Sunday afternoons. This is done outside the church and we believe there is a need for the Pastorate to connect directly to the House of Ariel Gate.

We thank the Lord for the House of Ariel Gate and Apostle Natasha and the sacrifices that have been made to get where we are. We are looking forward to a transformation in our region. We pray that the Lord will grant us the grace to hold the territory. We are currently going through the Repentance book with the group as they are looking forward to see Apostle soon, to do bloodline session.