This year we decided to have two Yom Kippur services.  We had one service on Tuesday evening (8 October) and the other service on Wednesday morning (9 October).  Needless to say that not one service was the same or a repeat of the previous one.

Yom Kippur is about the atonement made by the High Priest of Israel. On Tuesday evening, Apostle Natasha explained why are we also called to bring a priestly service and what a priest looked like according to the scriptures. This was a breakdown that was extremely important in understanding the believer’s role in fulfilling the royal priesthood calling.

On Wednesday morning, she explained the 13 Attributes of God’s name according to Exodus 34 verse 6-7. The Yom Kippur service included this understanding of God’s names, and also went through a reading that was a description of the High Priest’s service in the Temple.

As per usual Apostle Natasha Grbich gave us much more information than what we could possibly contain during these two services – and we definitely will need to go work through it again and again, to really grasp the fullness there of.  

What came across clearly, is that God is in the smallest details, and that we most of the time miss all the details completely.  God made everything with a plan and a pattern. The reason for celebrating the feasts is not about the details – but to see Jesus more clearly in their types and shadows! The impartation of the word changed people’s lives, the anointing was evident and the testimonies keep coming in!

May we all keep growing in the fullness of Christ more and more!