ZULU Warrior Angels
4-10-2017 12:00:00 AM
Botswana Trip: 7 – 9 April 2017
By Dumile Cele

Apostle Timothy Carscadden and his three warriors were warmly welcomed at the airport by Prophet Pat Ramocha and Naledi.

We started by morning intercession prayer with the team.
Midday leaders brief: The meeting was hosted by the council of religious leaders and they welcomed isithunywa sika Nkulunkulu (man sent by God) to deliver the message.
Apostle Timothy was welcomed by the song “Hallelujah let’s praise the Lord, no more turning back”.

Apostle Timothy thanked the leaders for accepting him (and team) without them even knowing us, that’s a miracle! He stated that this is the time for Botswana to be put on the map on what it is called for to the Nations. God is creating a pattern for other Nations to follow Botswana. This was their hour of visitation.

Apostle Timothy carried on by stating he doesn’t release apostolic word if there are no leaders. There being leaders present was something he greatly appreciated. He stressed the importance of Prophetic and Apostolic working together and God is putting them together. “You listen to the prophet and you will be successful” – the prophet points the way and the apostle takes the word and does. Apostle Tim did speak about the difficulties that were experienced coming to Botswana; the storm in their state in the USA, missing flights and actually the earthquake that happened in Botswana a few days before the visit. That earthquake was actually God opening up the well.

Apostle Tim than explained the vision from another colleague in Germany and how he (Tim) took responsibility as he has a heart for Africa. On the vision there were Angels who were dressed as Zulu warriors and were on pause ready to be released. This was then the second and ultimate purpose, the releasing of Warrior Angels to the country. He also spoke a bit about the Angel of the Winds of Change on what has happened before in places he’s travelled to. He did state what Botswana was about to receive wasn’t just for them to keep but to share with their neighbours. The more they give out will in turn make them receive more.

The leaders welcomed the word as it is and they were not going to add anything or stop it. There were also vision confirmations even from the other pastors from Botswana. One young pastor had a vision about two weeks prior where he saw the Southern Africa as a ship and Botswana being in the bridge and had the helm responsibility, as the stewards.

Apostle Natasha also added the magnitude of the earthquake that happened 3 April on the Monday was 6.5 on the richter scale. The word in Isaiah 65 is about New Heavens and the New Earth. Psalm 65 (verse 9) YOU visit the earth and water it – mentioned all should recognise God is visiting and doing something in the country.

Evening Session: Apostle Tim explained the trips he’s been taking to Durban (SA) have been to dig the well and carry on the revival that was started by Brother William Branham back in the 1950s. God has then another layer to it, the key of opening that well is actually in Botswana. The team was thus there to (i) dig the well of which God Almighty had already begun with the earthquake (the ground had thus been open so we can have the flow of the spirit). God is looking for humble people to carry this mantle. Apostle mentioned when he sees the flag of Botswana he sees a highway and the Lord is saying “I will build a highway here” of healing. All this is about God’s name being glorified. He also indicated he’s an honorary Zulu. God will be sending army angels that will be doing what the church cannot do, God will be doing some changes in the Nation and people shouldn’t be surprised when it is happening. He did mention to the house that the Voice of God and the Winds of Change Angel was there to help. Botswana is going to be a father nation to the fatherless nations. Quoted Psalm 103: 9 “Bless the Lord…”

The angels are from God and desire to fulfil His work. Apostle Natasha added Botswana has just celebrated fifty years of independency thus celebrating Jubilee. Prophet Bob Jones had said every fifty years there’ll be a new move of God, this is what’s happening. The angels will help Botswana walk in Jubilee.

Apostle Timothy carried on by calling the Zulus who went up with the song “avulekile amasango ezulu – Heavens gates are open”. Mam Cele then blessed the Lord with prayer and also remarrying Botswana to Jesus. Apostle carried on quoting Psalms of David “The Lord has established His throne in the Heavens and His sovereignty rules all over Botswana. He blessed the Angel of the Winds of Changeand commissioned the Angel to bless the Lord Almighty (our Father) and for the angel to obey the voice of God. (ii) Apostle Tim then commissioned the Release of the Winds of Change angel and also the Angelic warriors were released. Thanks was given to God and God was free to have HIS way. A horn was blown and there was a big shout to bless the Lord.

Prayers: Apostle Natasha stressed the importance of truly repenting and made an example that when you repent and even blessing those who’ve hurt you, even the demons cannot find you as you become a different person. Few Pastors from Botswana then led repentance on evil/corruption/idolatry and blessed other nations just as God has had mercy on them. They also gave thanks to God for sending a servant.

South Africans repented for “bullying” and wanting only to take from Botswana and then blessed the Tswanas.

Sunday 09 April:
@Voice of Prophecy/Share the Fire Ministries
Welcoming by the father of the house (Prophet Pat Ramocha)
Apostle started by started by mentioning he saw the house sending people to nations and that it is going to be a sending ministry. There were few visions about what was happening.
#Apostle Tim carried on by saying his sermon was on teaching on How to hear from Heaven and to pray accordingly.
There were Prophecies which were confirmed afterwards.