(Refer page 205 – Conquering the Antichrist Spirit* by Sandie Freed)

Number “3 / three” represents completion.  The Lord desires to complete us and enlarge us.  Enlargement is connected to testing (times in the wilderness).

Psalm 105 – Repent whilst praying through this psalm for the following:

  • Making known the deeds amongst the people of principalities and sowing doctrinal seeds of the antichrist/anything not of Christ.
  • Repent for not seeking the Lords face
  • Repent for making agreements and covenants with the enemies of God and giving of our blood to set those covenants in place against the purposes of God.
  • Desiring our own inheritance and portion and going from one kingdom to another, and one nation to another, sowing seeds of a kingdom not of God.
  • Repent for anger towards God for putting us through the desert and famine places. Not guarding our hearts, becoming bitter towards God.
  • Repent for being part of the worshipping the principalities which God dealt with through the plagues He sent into Egypt.
  • Thank God for His everlasting mercy and ask Him to forgive us.

Isaiah 54 pray through this scripture.


*Conquering The Antichrist Spirit, Sandie Freed, Chosen Books a division of Baker Publishing Group