The House of Ariel Gate, was introduced in 2005. We then officially birthed and launched the House in 2006 and spiritual fathers brought incredible prophetic words to set our future. We felt it very necessary to remind ourselves of our DNA – so that we can return our focus to our original destiny and purpose…

James Goll (26 April 2006)

I just declare in the name of the Lord that this is a starting gate. Ariel Gate is a starting gate, it is a launching gate. It is a new gate and it is like in spring time when a young cow or a young calf is in a stall and it goes forth and it goes forth just with vigour. It goes forth with strength, it goes forth with joy upon it. This is a birthing time. It is an apostolic birthing time. We are in a shift and this ministry will help shift this nation, this ministry will help shift this continent and it will be a gate of light.

The Lord says, This is gate of light. Light overcomes darkness. There has never been a contention when light shows up that darkness remains. For in John, the first chapter, in the 5th verse it says “ and the light shines and the darkness could not comprehend the it”. The light of the Lord is shining. The Light of the Lord has shone. The light of the Lord is coming and the darkness shall flee. In Jesus name.

Father we just declare that there is authentic apostolic DNA that is being released. We are moving, we are moving. There has been a message that has been brought to this continent even for the last 250+ years. There has been a great message that has gone forth. The message of salvation, but now in a time of the fullness of times, we are crossing the threshold to go from salvation to transformation. From salvation to transformation.

Building upon all of which that has gone before, building upon the building blocks of prayer, building upon the building blocks of worship, building on the building blocks of the forerunner anointings of the pioneers. But we are shifting in this hour from salvation to transformation.

Keys, keys, keys , keys, keys, keys, keys, keys of revelation. Keys, keys, keys, keys, keys of agreement are being released. Keys (x5) of the father’s heart for the poor. Keys (x 5) that the treasures of this earth belong to the Lord and they shall be redeemed for the Lord’s purpose. Have you not read, do you not know that the treasures of darkness are stored up for a point and a time to be released for the Kingdom purposes. Keys (x4) of the Kingdom are being released in this hour. Keys, keys, keys of apostolic mandate. Keys, keys, keys of Israel, God’s heart for His people. Keys, keys, keys that an overcomer, a warrior anointing mixed with the bridal paradigm. Keys for the word is fusion in this hour. When multiple elements are mingled together, heated under the fire, a new birth occurs. In Jesus name. Amen.


Tudor Bismark (25 April 2006)

Heavenly Father I now release apostolically in this house a Jabez anointing for an increased capacity. We loose it in Jesus name. We loose a Jephta spirit to enlarge us, to increase our capacity to receive. We release in this house a Hannah anointing to increase our capacity to hold a Samuel. We loose in this house by the name of Jesus the power and the force of an Abigail anointing to increase our capacity. We loose by the power of the Spirit the anointing of a Deuteronomy 28 to enlarge our capacity to walk in blessing. Father we loose a capacity to walk in kingship, to walk in an increased capacity to speak words that are not easily understood but are translated by the spirit. We loose a capacity to walk in phenomenal blessing, things that we have not understood before. We declare an increased capacity. We loose a capacity for banking, a capacity for ruling, a capacity for revenue, a capacity for revelation knowledge, a capacity for kingdom rulership. We loose it now in the name of Jesus.

We loose an increased capacity of angelic activity, we declare that angels will be active even while we sleep. We declare an increased capacity for authority, give us an increased capacity of authority in Jesus name. Now Lord hear and now Lord do in the name of Jesus. Every woman and every man, every ministry here. We declare, beyond what we planned or dreamed that a Joseph anointing is coming upon us, that can only be realised in Africa. Increase our capacity to be world rulers in the name of Jesus.


Wesley Campbell (25 April 2006)

Father in the name of Your son, the Lord Jesus Christ, we declare Ariel Gate as an apostolic ministry out of South Africa for the continent of Africa and the nations of the world.

We pray for Natasha and her team in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that you will establish them, you will root them, that they will be grounded. We ask that you add to their faith and tonight even in the spirit, we pray for another lapel of authority to be upon Natasha’s shoulders and the team’s shoulders.

We are calling blessings, governmental blessing, economic blessing, civil sector, the whole global call for the continent of Africa and the nations of the earth. We pray for economic strategies, businesses, finance, capacity, governance, we ask for these things in the name of the Lord Jesus. We pray for strategic intercession, Danielic intercession to go to that next level for the United nations, the IMF, the World Health Organisation, literally the international power brokers. We ask that they have authority to shift in the heavens these things that must be shifted. So we ask for that in the name of Jesus – grant that to this mighty apostolic ministry we pray in Jesus name.


 Dr R Heard (26 April 2006)

  My word to this house and the thing that I feel to pray tonight is that this is a ministry that God is raising up that is going to have more than just a localised, generalised focus. This ministry is going to open doors that are going to affect the 54 nations of this continent and have tremendous impact.

 Now that is going to require unique challenges, make unique challenges that require unique positioning and is going to require the ability to act in a way, that conventional moves of God and and visitations have perhaps not functioned in. And you may see some things happen as you move into this dimension, there are certain things that we do here that have impact in the spirit world that you might not recognize there is even a connection. Lateral conceptions / vs vertical.

 These are symbolisms and acts that are extremely powerful, that when they are implemented here have an immediate function and response in a heavenly dimension that releases and activates things that are very very dynamic.

 What I feel to pray is that this congregation, this group, this ministry that God is positioning for this purpose will remain on the cutting edge of being able to focus on those things that are going to break nations wide open.

 Going beyond praying for household salvation and now nations…

 Father I thank you for the anointing that is residing on this house and the apostle of this house. I thank you for the spiritual perceptivity that you have set them Lord as the prow of a ship cutting into the wind in the midst of a storm on a dark night on a continent that needs to be visited by light and by revival. …I am praying that Lord this ministry will be used of God to bring together the various streams of your people that exist on this continent. The different tribes that have not always been united, the healing among races and the healing among people that have had long standing traditions of animosity. I am asking you to break down walls through the anointed efforts of these intercessors. Let them be Josephs that like boughs reach over the wall that would keep them contained and hemmed in and then let the fruit that has been borne here be deposited all over this nation, all over these nations, all over this continent and have impact in the world. For we sense that somehow the anointing and the leadership of your church that was prominent in Europe for a time and in North America is being focussed right now on the continent of Africa. And I want you to allow the development of spiritual sensitivity in these intercessors to have ears to hear and eyes to see and tongues to taste the things of God that this generation needs as we move into our destiny. Father I pray for the release of anointing that will break down barriers that will come against strongholds of witchcraft that have been deeply rooted in this continent for millenniums. Ignorance, spiritual blindness, darkness. We pray against those powers that have revelled in the fact that they never thought they would be unseated and we declare them redeemed for the glory of a living Christ that is resurrected.

Use this ministry, Lord of intercessors and worshippers to change the very atmosphere in this nation and the nations of this continent. Change the atmosphere, change the complexion, change the environment, change the climate, change the leadership, change everything that must be done to bring about the restoration and the involvement, the planting of your kingdom. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God.

 In this group, Lord let there be an anointing that will break forth the riches of understanding that will in turn lead to the breaking forth of the riches of material things, the establishing of the prosperity of your people. The deliverance from bondage of those that are in bondage throughout this continent, let it happen and in the past this continent has been called by some, the dark continent, Lord I pray that it will become a model of light for the rest of the world as the transforming power brought about by intercessors. My God, brought about by intercessors, led by this house. Complete the changes that you are bringing here, we ask in Jesus name. And I pray for Natasha… The right hand is the hand of anointing and authority and favour.

 When you start following after God, you start encountering opposition at levels that you have not known and the real test is whether you will acquiesce and say I choose mediocrity or rather in the face of opposition you will go on and say Whatever the fight, I must fight.. then my destiny is worth pursuing that Natasha has made a decision, she has come to a place in her life where she has said, I am pursuing this and I am going after this even if it cost me everything. I want you to honour that and put something back into her right now and say we bless you, we pray God’s grace and favour and anointing on you . We pray the wisdom of heaven to be imparted into your mind and spirit. We pray that there will be raised up leaders under you. Leadership that is passionate and fervent about the things of God. Intercessors that will move into the secret dimension, that will not stand outside the veil but will go beyond it and there will make choices and decisions and proclamations that will affect the nations of the world. Let them follow this lady as we bless her.

  We bless her with strength and understanding , with courage, we bless her with anointing, with power and favour and glory of God.


James Goll (29 April 2006)

Word for Africa:

Before coming here, I had a dream about being in your midst and in this dream I heard myself speaking to you and I was addressing a prophetic exhortation and a promise to this continent.

The word in the dream was I was “I will restore Pentecost”.

I have a word for Africa. The Lord Himself has a word that He releases from His holy throne. I will restore the fire. I will release the wind of My presence, the winds of change, change, change. The winds of change shall blow across this continent. Light shall burn across this continent as I release the fire of Pentecost. A fresh light, a bright light shall shine across this land. Nations shall come to the Lord in a day when the brightness of My shining comes forth. And when the wind of my angelic currents, pick up the fire that I land in key locations. It will be like a prairie grass fire. It shall explode and it shall burn. And I will add the oil upon the fire and into the wind, and when the oil hits the fire, and when the oil hits the wind, it will not be a fire that can be contained, but rather it will be a consuming fire in that age.

There is coming confrontation, confrontation, confrontation. I shall yet raise up an Elisha/Elijah generation. I shall release the mantles of the Elijah/Elisha generation. And they shall contend with the altars of false fire. The reason why my people are afraid of the true fire is because they were touched by the false fire. But I am going to release a faith within my people that will destroy the fear of the false.

And the faith towards the real will be stronger than the fear of the false. And there will be a paradigm shift that shall occur, and even those congregations, churches and movements that have gone back into seeker sensitivity and they have gone back and they have veered away from the move of the spirit and they have placated unto the fear of man. I shall yet once again come knocking upon their doors. I shall yet once again come knocking upon their doors. I shall yet once again come knocking upon their doors.

But do not judge them. Do not give your tongue unto criticism and unto complying and aligning with the accuser of the brethren. For they too are My blood-washed brothers and sisters. But be the handmaidens in their behalf. be the servants in their behalf and call that they, will have the curse broken off of them that I warned in the Book of Galatians. ”Oh you foolish Galatians, You who begun in the Spirit, returning to the works of the flesh and of the law to perfect yourself .Who has bewitched you?’ So there has been a soulish bewitching that has occurred as there has been a complying and a bending to the fear of man. But I am coming, I am coming, I shall come, I shall come. I am here and I am coming. I have come, I am here and I am coming. Dignity will not be your goal! Dignity will not be your goal! Respectability will not be the banner on which you dwell. But rather fire, fire, fire, because I am coming with my hot jealousy to restore the authentic fire, wind and wine of Pentecost. The birthday of My church was not a day of dignity. The birthday of my Bride, was not a day of respectability. The birthday of my beloved was a day of birthing. Have you ever heard of a quiet birth? Have you ever heard of quiet birth? No! Never in history, has there been a quiet birth. And I am coming to birth again Pentecost amongst my people. I shall return the shout the shout of joy, the shout of victory. The shout because my body, of my people, will be as though they have been raised from the dead. I shall return the shout.

And I shall restore the quaking, I shall restore the quaking. This will not be a manmade manifestation, but this will be because the terror of your God, has invaded your space. Who can stand before the presence of God? Only spirit beings can. Therefore all flesh quakes and trembles, before the presence of God. The wind, the fire and the wine and the oil.

Word for Natasha:   Even as you have been faithful in a sphere, this is a day, this is an hour when the lion appears in the gate and the roar of the lion shall increase across the land. There was a time when the roar of the lion could only be heard in a cave. But now is an hour that I am bringing the lioness to the front of the gate. To the front of the cave. The front of that cave is a gate. The front of that cave is an arch. The front of that cave is a gate. The front of that cave is a gate. Do you not know that I took my servant David and his friends and those that he was walking with into a cave. The cave of Adullam. Do you not know, have I not taken you into times where you were not as prominent before man but your were building history before your

God. And then there comes a time that I speak to my prophetic cave dwellers – Come out! Come Out wherever you are. And so now I am speaking to my prophetic cave dwellers of South Africa. There shall be a prophetic movement that shall be birthed even now in Johannesburg and it shall BURN northward.

The lion, the lioness anointing shall now come forth in Jesus name. We welcome Ariel Gate, we welcome Ariel Gate, we welcome the lion, the lion, the lioness. We welcome the lion of Judah to ROAR, roar, lion roar!

James Goll (30 April 2006)

Mark this day for I will be teaching my people how to reclaim the ground as holy. Mark this day for I will teaching my people not only not only how to redeem the land but possess the land, not only possess the land, but inhabit the land . Not only inhabit the land, but how to dwell in the land with righteousness. Mark this day down. This is a day of trading. Mark this day down for this is a day of trading. Mark this day down. This is a day of trading. You trading in your natural abilities to walk and me giving you in exchange a supernatural ability to walk. You trading in this day, your natural abilities to talk and me giving a commodity exchange of My abilities to talk.

Today is a day of trading. Trading in the grief of the curse on the land and trading in the grief of the curse on the land and receiving the down payment of joy by faith. Of whole nations being saved in a day. Mark this day down for the Lord calls it holy ground. A holy day. A holy people on holy ground.

For I will teach this ministry – Ariel Gate, I will teach this ministry how to have Fire Houses. I will teach you how to have houses of fire, of healing presence and of worship. For there will be house groups raised up. You say, “Is this a church planting movement?” Many have said no. But the Lord says ”Man’s view is incomplete concerning what church actually is.”

Have I not called you to be My people and have I not called you to multiply – that is My church.

Have I not called you to be a people of My presence – that is My church.

Have I not called you to bring in My government – that is My church

Have I not called you to be a reconciler in the nations – that is My church

Have I not called you to be a healing balm to a generation of pain, dysfunction, neglect and disease – that is My church

Have I not called you to be a voice crying in the wilderness – that is My church

Have I not called you to plow open fallow ground – that too is My church

And in the midst of churchiology shall come forth a redeemed people that care not about the brand name that they wear – that too is My church.

I will teach you how to have fire houses of abandoned worship and circles of healing and that too will be My church.

So mark this day down, mark this day down. Mark this day down.

I will teach you about community. I will teach you about covenant loyalty, I will teach yo that there I command the blessing. There I command the blessing of life. It is in that place of unity and covenant loyalty. There I command that Aaron’s anointing flows.

I will teach you, I will teach you about apostolic lifestyle and serving and weeping and rejoicing and caring. I will teach you how to be light in dark places. I will teach you about community. Yes, many of you will be part of pockets called congregations, but you will also be a part of the community. A community that will transcend sectarianism. A community of abandoned worshippers and believing believers that will be salt and light and yet brought together. I will teach you the lost art of an apostolic lifestyle.

And there I will command a blessing

Natasha I have a very strange word to share over you.  (Calls up the trustees of Ariel gate to come up front and surround Natasha.)

For there will be a networking that shall occur first amongst apostolic leaders where you shall search for those who are humble and you will search for those who are bright. Yes I will raise up those who are humble and those who are bright. Bright? Yes bright in intelligence and bright by shining. Look for those who are humble and look for those who are bright. Bright with divine intelligence and bright by shining light. There will be a gathering of 54 apostles that will be gathered together across the continent of Africa for this will not be done in a public venue, but this will be done as it would be in a cave of dwelling. I will be a God of jealousy in that moment and in that hour and I will be a wall of fire to protect what I do. But look for those who are humble and those who shine bright. But that is not the end. That is a beginning.

Then kings shall come. Was it not stated that a new prophetic movement would begin in SA, even as this nation has sent missionaries around the world and even as this nation has sent some of its princes to even the USA so I will return to the land of SA for the riches it has deposited in other lands. And I will raise up a school of prophets and apostles in SA. I shall teach them. I will be a mentor to them. I will teach them how to be fathers and mothers of kingdom ways. Yes a school of prophets and apostles shall come forth. But there will be a networking of 54 apostles across the continent of Africa. Those who are humble and those who are bright.

And then kings will come, there will be kings like Nicodemus who will come secretively in the night seeking the ways of the Lord. They will hear the word about trading. I have given you a stewardship, I have given you a revelation. It is embryonic in its application, but it is one that I will watch over to see that it grows. I will take a revelation of teaching and application of trading across this continent and I shall take the trading across the globe. There will be a trading in of curses for the blessing. There will be a trading in of thievery for quality control. There will be a trading in of greed, fuelled by a spirit of poverty and will be given instead faithfulness. There will be a trading in, and when the god of this world of thievery has been fully captured, treasures of once called the dark continent shall be dug. Because then in that hour, the faithful stewards of the oil, the gold, the silver and the jewels, they will have a faithful stewardship in place. And then I will raise up Africa. And they will be to me a precious royal diadem.

But there will be kings that will come by stealth like Nicodemus of old – come seeking the ways of the Lord. They will come to these humble, bright apostles. But I call you to raise up a wall of fire for the continental apostles. I call you to raise up the wall of fire for the continental apostles. Yes what you have done shall continue for you did it in the secret place. It just now grows in its impact and it grows in its placement. The work of prophetic intercession continues but now there will be label changes for I now call and decree that it will now be called kingdom intercession.

For I give a stewardship of kingdom intercession for a continent and I will surround you and I will surround the lion gate with a wall of fire. I will surround the lion gate with a wall of fire. Thank you Lord

Awesome. Lord we worship you and we thank you and we declare only you are worthy. Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lord God almighty who was and is and who is to come and we declare Mark this day, mark this day, mark this day, mark this day – A day when kingdom intercession is born.