9 May 2019 

Apostle Natasha Grbich was given the opportunity to revisit Bronville, Free State, but this time she brought Apostle Timothy Carscadden from America.

For many, it would be the first time that they had the opportunity to see a good demonstration of how the apostolic and prophetic offices work and flow together, as Apostle Timothy arrived wearing his Prophet’s hat.  A very strong word was given to the church and Apostle Timothy called them by using Daniel as an example to go into a fast (with Isaiah 58 as a guideline) if they want to see any change!! 

Here are some of the feedback received:

“I’ve come to see that we do not clearly understand repentance. There’s a way to repent and we missed it, also on giving as trading. Here I believe is where we will start to receive a lot of freedom when we start to understand and give accordingly. Apostle Natasha also spoke briefly on mantles. Lastly, on travailing intercession. This art seems lost in the church and there is little understanding and participation in it. If we going to follow Jesus, I want to do it according to His heart and not ours. I know He judges our hearts but I understand that there is also a way to engage.”
Ps Louwe


“It is just amazing what God can do through yielded vessels. Complete obedience to Him. What I also realise is that we have been taking repentance for granted in the past. I have personally exeprienced that. God turns His face away but a heart truly repenting and weeping before Him – He turns back His face. I want to learn more and more my hunger just keeps on growing every time Apostle Natasha comes and ministers. The thing that my heart bleeds for is for unity, one heart and one mind in the body of Christ. The true church. I believe in it, that as an apostolic people that we should be carrying out the heart and mind of God together. That we as God’s children should get of our individual pedastils and carry out one mission. To be Kingdom orientated people who can sit together irrespective of the differences putting that aside to do what the Lord has called us to do. This whole earth belongs to our Father and we need to take it back by force together. I love Acts 2:42 and it is the very same principal. The believers together devoted themselves to the apostle’s doctrine and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayers.”
Youth leader


“I have to much to say!! It was really a mind blowing experience and how the Lord is opening my eyes as a young person to deeper and deeper dimensions in Him. It has never been about me. Always about Him and having the heart for his people!”
Apostle Visagie