The House of Ariel Gate is an Apostolic House led by Natasha Grbich who was commissioned as an apostle in 2005. Ariel Gate was established in April 2006 under the oversight of our spiritual fathers.

Our vision is FUTURE PERFECT – to see the future unfold according to the plan of God that was spoken before the foundation of the earth. We believe that kingdom intercession is the key that God has given us to accomplish this vision.

The House of Ariel Gate is rooted experientially in prophetic intercession, with a burden for the “the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.” Revelation 11:15 For many years we prayed for the nations, asking God to send the workers to accomplish His purposes. We believed our job was simply to pray. When Ariel Gate was launched in 2006, James Goll prophesied the next level to us, ‘For I give you a stewardship of Kingdom Intercession for a continent’. We have come to understand that Kingdom Intercession is not simply about praying – but about discovering God’s will for a person or nation, laying hold of that destiny in the courts of heaven, birthing it into the earth and empowering those who are called to walk out that destiny.

The scope of this assignment attracts Kingdom Pioneers from all walks of life. Intercessors and apostles, business people and government officials, philanthropists, educators, film-makers and students – all find a place of alignment with the House of Ariel Gate. It is through these strategic alignments that the House of Ariel Gate is involved in many social justice, marketplace and community reformation initiatives. We focus on empowering and mentoring the leaders of these projects through our leaders-on-fire program.

We believe that Kingdom intercession is one of the keys that will unlock the destinies of nations, tribes, tongues and people groups, freeing the Ekklesia to fulfill the commission of Matthew 28 – discipling nations. As stewards of this key, The House of Ariel Gate is committed to training others in Kingdom intercession and developing teams to serve other apostolic houses and leaders. Our annual schools and conferences and the ongoing release of cutting-edge resources are the vehicle through which this training is accomplished at present.

FUTURE PERFECT is the vision – House of Ariel Gate is home to Kingdom Pioneers who are intent on fulfilling destiny in this generation and leaving an inheritance for the children to go beyond where they have walked!

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