The time is here to equip the army of God. Too much time has gone past and generations and nations need to be gathered for The Lord.
There are wars to be fought and battles to be won – But our army needs training and the lack of wisdom, understanding and knowledge of whom they are in The Lord are some of the places the enemy is attacking the army.
We are therefore calling the full army of Ariel Gate to attention. Not concentrating on the past, future (next), but on the NOW….The Now Generation!!
The time of waiting for the next generation has passed and we are the generation.
If not Now, when?
We are calling all generations to come and equip themselves, gain knowledge and wisdom into who they are in The Lord. Helping them to find their designated place in the army of God.
We are all called to serve.
Come be enlightened to find your place of serving…..


The vision of Ariel Gate is:  FUTURE PERFECT
The future according to God’s original pattern as determined in the counsels of heaven before the foundation of the earth.
This is a multi-generational vision and will take people of all age groups to fulfil it.
House of Ariel Gate is focused on training and equipping all generations to take up their part in God’s strategy to “make the kingdoms of this world the kingdoms of our Lord and of Christ.” Revelation 11:15