Natasha Grbich is a South African by birth and Croatian by heritage. Natasha is a fiery warrior and an inspirational leader. She speaks many languages and can seamlessly flow from one to another without effort. As a student of many cultures, this makes her an even more effective communicator.

Natasha has gathered a group of dedicated leaders who want to see the elevation of conditions in their nations and on the entire continent of Africa. Out of small prayer groups in many cities, now Fire Houses in other nations, the initial vision has grown international. These groups (Fire Houses) are now engaged in humanitarian and business development efforts in varying scales of influence.

The House of Ariel Gate has always been a House known for prayer for the nations. Natasha is the Apostle and visionary leader of this apostolic House. The mission is to identify and develop spiritual strategies in order to see kingdom mandates fulfilled – in nations, in business and in churches. The ministry developed from an international intercession network to where it is today.

Natasha has always trained and empowered intercessors, serving under Dr Gwen Shaw for 22 years, lastly as her Director for Africa. The International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL)  commissioned her as their Ambassadorial Apostle. Apostle Bill Hamon charged her to raise up a Gideon 300 Army. She is known to release pioneering warriors in kingdom intercession. The stewardship of the mysteries of God form an integral part of Natasha’s mandate, evidenced by her ability to flow in fresh revelation and administrate in a strong Wisdom gifting. She has authored ‘Repentance – Cleansing your Generational Bloodlines’ amongst other works.