Kitso Lesedi Community Development is an organisation that was founded by the vision to help people, the founder and  manager is our Pretoria Representative, Maki Tselapedi.

Kitso Lesedi is under the spiritual banner of The House of Ariel Gate and we are extremely proud of the excellent work that they are doing in their community.

Kitso Lesedi serves the most vulnerable community in the City of Tshwane with objective of pursuing a calling to assist unsheltered homeless people who mainly live on the street corners, bridges, in the parks and dilapidated buildings.
They are committed to provide social support by identifying the homeless people’s social and educational needs.

They have a successful intervention program, consisting of:
intake; case work; group work; community work; referrals; and counseling.
Amongst other things, on weekdays they serve the community nutritious meals and assist with health care services and social needs / services.

Their vision is to love and embrace people who live on the fringes of the Pretoria communities and to support them to grow, be responsible and become productive citizens

Their mission is to provide physical, spiritual, health, mental care and support to these homeless communities and to thereby assist them to gain better attitudes and skills so as to reintegrate them into the mainstream of our society.