12-1-2016 12:00:00 AM
November 2016
By Cheryl Stanton

The trip to Turkey was for myself personally , an incredibly awesome time!

I want to strongly suggest that if you have never traveled to Turkey with Apostle Natasha, you are missing out!

The food, is amazing – very simple food, but I found it very tasty.

The country, has so much history and heritage and it resonates in the atmosphere.

The architecture, whether mosque or church – really touched me. I saw a gifting materialize in the architecture which was most probably passed down generationally – this skill was meant to serve and glorify God.

I could really feel and experience the heart of the Lord for Turkey and all of its many ethnic peoples.

The amazing Bosphoros Sea, and the hugeness of the city of Istanbul was incredible to witness. I sensed that Istanbul has an intensity in it’s heavy legacy; in the very atmosphere and in the entire environment, all carrying the history of many generations.

It was almost tangible. You could almost feel the decades of history like a sound in the city; yet combining with the modern hustle and bustle of our current time now.

The Turkish people are traders – it is just who they are, who they have always been throughout their history – and shopping is always a great trading experience there.

So many places were visited:

Istanbul, Bursa and Iznik, were the main cities we saw. The tour we did at the end, included the following historical sites: * The First Cosmic Council of the church at the Council of Nicaea * Old City Walls from Roman & Byzantine Periods * The Green Mosque * Remains of The St. Sophia Church * Iznik Porcelain Workshop * Silk Market * Ancient Plane Tree

Before the tour, we were privileged to be able to attend the Deborah Conference, and we are all so grateful to our valued friend, Apostle Victoria Lindahl, for including us.