The blueprint of the oak tree is written INSIDE of the acorn even as a majestic destiny is written inside of YOUR SPIRIT.

Man is a 3 part being.

When you were born again your body didn’t get younger and you didn’t shed unwanted pounds. Your brain did not change and your I.Q. did not suddenly multiply.

But something happened that can make you look 100 times better, more alive and at peace and something started that can give your mind access to the very mind of Christ. Why?

YOUR human spirit got Born Again! It’s called “regeneration.” The very nature of Christ came into your mortal body and took up residence in your spirit. The Holy Spirit is NOW living inside of you.

Your spirit man, if properly fed will begin to renew your mind. You are TRANSFORMED by the “renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2)

You start becoming a mighty oak by letting the Word of God go to work inside of you!

Your NEW MAN inside has a NEW DESTINY in the DNA of your recreated spirit!
Cultivate the recreated spirit till it dominates your soul and body.

What makes some oak tree’s grow when thousands of acorns do not?

Three things: the soil, weather conditions & location have to be right for the acorn to grow and become an oak tree. The “soil” is the stuff you feed your mind on, the relationships you allow in your garden and the feelings you allow to root into your heart. Where you choose to go to get fed has a lot to do with helping you cultivate your soil. The “weather” needs the rain of Gods presence. Worship is the number one conveyer of rain into your life. All this comes back to “location.” Choose to be with people who are becoming Oaks!

Once you start seeking first the kingdom you attract all the right ingredients. This is the art of attraction then allowing God to do His work in your garden.