Despise Not Small Beginnings -Firehouse Leaders Meeting – Fishes and Loaves
2-19-2015 4:20:25 AM
by Elizabeth Arceneaux
American Representative

On 21 January, 2015, I took a direct flight which took over 20 plus hours from the USA to attend the House of Ariel Gate Leaders meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was so excited to be here, to be with such incredible leaders and intercessors from all over South Africa for a three day gathering to pray and seek the Lord. It was wonderful to see my old friends and to meet many new friends, and meet many young people as well. Each Firehouse leader gave a report on what the Lord is doing in their region. It was exciting and inspiring to hear from everyone and to see the maturity and growth. Apostle Natasha preached each day at the conference and we received such a download of revelation from the Word she was getting. We broke into several groups to pray over and organize for the plans that have been prophesied over the House of Ariel Gate that are now manifesting. Afterwards, we had a wonderful time of fellowship and celebration with a wonderful lunch that was provided for us.

On Tuesday, 27 January 2015, I had the priviledge to be invited by Fransi & Johan Van Wyk to visit my very first Ariel Gate Firehouse in Bothaville which is in the Free State area of South Africa. It was also the first time an American has even been in Fransi & Johan’s home as well. Their vision and plan was to spoil (bless) me as much as possible which exceeded my expectations.

I have been attending the House of Ariel Gate in Johannesburg since April 1997, and have met many of the people in the community, attended leaders meetings, summits and heard the plans and visions for the firehouses for many years, but not had the opportunity to actually be on location, nor see their projects. The very next day of arrival, I had the privilege to tour the Ariel Gate Christian Academy in Bothaville. They now have a school from grade K through 7, but are in the process of expanding to grade 12 as well as a university in the near future. The majority of the students are Sotho. It did not take long to see the excellent work of the leaders and teachers who work with the school. This is a small community committed to working together to raise the next leaders for the future. It seems like a huge task, but not too big for God. Not only are they using excellent ciriculum for learning, but the students pledge their life to the Lord Jesus Christ each day in their classroom. The teachers evaluate the children upon enrollment to make sure they are getting the right foundation -then once the children know the material, they move up to their grade level. No child is left behind and each child feels secure, ready and eager to learn more. (see photos)

I then attended the Ladies Meeting which are the prayer strategists who are planted in this region. Fransi, the Firehouse leader shared to the group about the previous weekend meeting in Johannesburg. I had the opportunity to hear from them about their vision which before was only a blueprint of strategy and a presentation covered with prayer, to now becoming a reality bearing fruit; From excellent schools, farming projects and even the future plans of a hospital clinic. That evening, 22 young adult leaders gathered together for prayer and fellowship. Fransi and Johan have been teaching on the “Armour of God” and how this applies to their lives. These young leaders range from single adults to married couples who are seeking the lord and committed to fulfilling the destiny that God has in His plan. I enjoyed the fellowship with the young leaders and was inspired by hearing some of their dreams such as how to feed the large mass of population predicted in the future. Fransi and Johan are wonderful and committed mentors to these young leaders. I was inspired not only by the hospitality shown to me in Bothaville, but by the teamwork and vision that the Lord has given each person I met who had a part, each one a leader working together under their firehouse leader. (see photos) I pray to see a multiplication of these schools all over South Africa as well as these young leaders that are becoming the future leaders very soon. I was excited to hear these young leaders visions and dreams that the Lord has placed in their heart not only for their future, but the future of South Africa.

On 3 February 2015, I was invited to Ariel Gate Firehouse Pretoria in the home of firehouse leader Maki Tselapedi. I have known and prayed with Maki for many years – knew some of her vision to feed and educate the poor. She and a group in Pretoria started with “what they had in their hands”, beginning with making sandwiches and then later added soup to feed the poor in their community. They had weekly Bible teachings and plans to grow their own food. This week, I saw what started only from small beginnings, grew to a large community garden that can grow vegetables year round to feed fresh vegetables and bakery goods to the homeless. They now own and operate a huge commercial kitchen with a professional bakery that serves and distributes food to many more people, as well as creating jobs by selling the bakery goods to local shops in their community. Their education program and Bible studies outreach to the homeless has grown as well all within a short few years. There are many more programs they do serving the needs of the homeless and their community in Pretoria. I was honoured to attend Maki’s firehouse meeting held in her home. Over a dozen plus men and women from Pretoria attended, many whom are affiliated with community or regional government leaders and are leaders themselves. Maki asked me to speak on what Ariel Gate is doing in America.

Maki and I had attended a meeting that day in Johannesburg to hear Apostle Natasha Grbich speak on God’s economy which inspired Maki to share with her group leaders. To move in God’s economy, we must first be in a “House”, then the multiplication and distribution will then come first from the protection and covering of the “House”. The illustration she gave was we are likened to a chess board with each player that has his or her own role standing on their own check or square. Each piece, whether your piece on the chess board is a castle or pawn, moves together to protect the king. Sometimes by just standing still is really part of the whole strategy to move into a breakthrough and victory. Thinking of an Apostolic House and compared to the strategy of the game of chess; If your piece on the chessboard is like the position of a pawn that can only move one check at a time, if it is moving together and holding still, it can also reach the other side of the board to become a queen that is positioned next to the king. Ariel Gate Pretoria encouraged me by their community strategy to make a difference and bring about God’s plan. Each member encouraged one another with great zeal in what the Lord is doing there. I could see such governmental type leadership in this firehouse, as they are seeking the Lord and move together under the leadership of the House -they are making a tremendous difference not only in Pretoria, but throughout South Africa.

I am excited and priviledged to announce that Apostle Natasha will be coming to the USA again this year 2015. The exact time and dates will be announced on our website: – so, we are busy getting ready. Apostle Natasha’s book, “Repentance, Cleansing Your Generational Bloodlines” has been out of stock both in the USA and South Africa since October 2014, but we are happy to announce it is now available by the middle of February 2015. Her books will also be available online soon in Japanese, Spanish and German. New MP3 messages are now available and can be downloaded from the internet. We have been selling thousands of books thoughout the USA and Canada. It has been wonderful to speak to many leaders and people who we have taken orders from all over and to serve in this capacity.

It was an honor to be invited to the House of Ariel Gate Leaders Conference and to visit just a few of the Firehouses. They are the wheels within the wheel that move and uphold the whole House. It was an honour just to see and take part of what they are carrying for their communities and for Africa. All of these years I have heard about it, seen their presentations, but this week, brought a different perspective, a deeper revelation. I encourage everyone who is a part of Ariel Gate to go visit these wonderful Firehouses. This is a wonderful family and community. I am grateful for the many years to serve together with you and I am looking returning again soon.