There seemed to be a consensus that a DAY of PRAYER was needed – in the sense of teaching and impartation of prayer and intercession and some practical exercises! Within five days we advertised and ran the Prayer Day and it proved to be so powerful and successful, that we will definitely be having it more regularly and in various areas, more details to follow soon…

Here is a look at some of the feedback received from different people about the day:

“What a powerful day, prayer training @ House of Ariel Gate 2018. We should have more of such great revelation.
Nations are looking to us as intercessors to plead on their behalf. We are ombudsman of the kingdom, standing on behalf of nations. We are there to protect and negotiate for justice on their behalf. We must cry out for the nations, let them not be found naked on the great judgement day when they stand before thee Lord on the great judgement day. But what is our motive behind crying out for them…we ask not for riches, we ask not for fame.

#Apostle Natasha🔥#prayertraining#nations”
Didi Tselapedi 


“What a powerful day indeed.
God has given us a job of prayer, our job is to pray when we call ourselves Christians. Jesus is making intercession on the right hand of the Father. He is stopping God from bringing judgement. Where judgement would be coming if He wasn’t in that gap. When God decides to judge SA if there is no man to talk too, then He will recompense what they deserve on their heads.
When we start praying. We become the man God is searching for…”


“God is interested in our life’s testimony. What does my life look like? We could be great intercessors, but not taking care of our house, then our life is not speaking. If we’re not good stewards of our finances, our life is not speaking. Its an over all thing and about all areas of our lives to align with God’s will.
Job 1 …and the Lord said to Satan, have you considered My servant Job? Which could also mean have you considered the heart of My servant. We need to be watchful over our motivations. Our motivations needs to be the same as God’s. We need to bring our thoughts before the Lord and become passionately in love with Jesus everyday.”
Annalie Van Der Vyver