Reminder of our Repentance School dates for 2019.

Training takes place at the House of Ariel Gate, on the below mentioned Saturday mornings at 10:00am.  Please bring your own Bible, your Repentance book and your own note book.

Everyone Welcome – No Registration Required

19 January 2019
9 February 2019
2 & 16 March 2019
13 April 2019
11 & 25 May 2019
22 June 2019
13 July 2019
17 & 31 August 2019
28 September 2019
12 October 2019
9 & 23 November 2019

Dates subject to change

CD recordings will be available @ Bookshop
Here is some feedback from delegates whom attended 2018 school:

“I have gained more understanding of the scripture and what I need to do to build a relationship with God.  My heart is all that God is looking at to have a strong relationship with Him.  I have learned that through repentance, I am not repenting for myself but also for my family, nations, tribes and generations.”

Benny Marcgato

“Identification of bitterness, for example and how it affects your life.  Ability to identify roots, and have tools of repentance to deal with issues, brought more liberty and freedom in my relationship with God.  Personally it was liberating.”

Cathy Seakamela

“The “School” is growing from level to level.  Ever year there is something new with every topic we did.”

Arie Bouwer

“The Repentance School did help me grow in my intimacy with The Lord.  A deeper revelation & understanding of the word.”

Barbara Bull

“Got a lot of confirmation on most questions I have often asked.  I am glad I found this ministry.”

Barbara Dube