We just opened our doors for the 2019 year and jumped right into our very first Saturday with a Prayer Training Day.

We started the Prayer Training Day in 2018 after having numerous requests from people within and outside of the house for training on prayer.  People recognised that on the subject of prayer Apostle Natasha has an impartation level that is even more weighty than the vast amount of experience and knowledge that she liberally shares.

Each Prayer Training Day has been uniquely different, and each carrying a different facet of prayer.  Most of the attendees are from different backgrounds (cultures, people groups and denominations etc.) and each has a specific way of seeing prayer.  Apostle Natasha has helped us realise that there is not just one way to pray, but many different and interesting ways.  There is not a specific structure.  The only thing that should remain a constant is to first seek the heart of the Father.  

She explained with this recent Prayer Training Day, that we should not just pray prayers we feel like, but we should lay down our ideas and ask God:  “Lord God, what is on Your heart for this …..(topic that you are praying for).” We should be interested in how the Father sees the issue, not emphasising our opinion of the issue.

Prayer should be a communication between us and God our Heavenly Father.  How many of us actually wait on God for an answer or for direction? Then we wonder why our prayers don’t work!

Apostle Natasha gave an excellent demonstration by praying for South Africa, and having everyone participate and learn from this living experience.

This Prayer  Training Day is definitely recommended to all those seeking a deeper relationship with God in 2019.

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