September 2018

We thank the Lord for our spiritual Mother:  Apostle Natasha Grbich and our American Zulu:  Apostle Timothy Carscadden.It was an awesome time we had with them, a time of equipping, looking into what God is saying at this hour to this city and its people. 
Apostle Timothy visited in his birthday month this time, so there was some cake to be enjoyed in celebration too!

Now to what God is calling us in Durban FireHouse…
As an Ariel Gate FireHouse (Dumile met Apostle Natasha and Ariel Gate 12 years ago) – We are in a season where we are reaching maturity, a place where we have a voice. Coming into a place of being heard! (Wait upon the Lord and you shall mount up on wings like eagles, you shall run and not be weary and you shall walk and not be faint…) 
God is continuing with His work in our nation through the City of Durban, with the latest visit of Apostle Natasha and Apostle Timothy, the mandate that the city holds for the Durban (Kwazulu Natal) region and the continent at large is continuing to be implemented and being entrenched.
The Lord has sent a word to the City – a word of judgement – bringing righteousness and justice in the place of wickedness, replacing it with what is right and placing us in alignment with the will of God. The Lord has sent us a prophet to help us discern the times and seasons – What is to come; guidance to the direction we need to take in order to navigate; and how we need to work through this process to ensure that the government of God arrives in this city and into the nation.
The pattern to help us as we follow through is based on the Judah, Issachar and Zebulun anointing; which is as follows:
Issachar – represents the prophetic, discerning of the times and seasons and releasing the anointing and guidance on what needs to be done
Zebulun – represents the provision, God has provided the battle plan and resources and tools to enable us to do what He wants us to do
Judah – represents the sound/ worship, the Voice to declare and goes forward/boldness to proclaim the good news without fear
With the 3 types of anointing we are set to go out, co-ordinate each other to present ourselves as 1 (One) in Christ, laying down our differences as the people of God in this city, with our primary purpose – JESUS – in intercession. – 2 Chronicles 5 vs 11ff
We need to go out in worship, joint together in intercession and produce a sound that saves our Nation and exporting what God is doing into the nations of our continent and the world.
Isaiah 58 
Isaiah 45
Psalm 113
1 Samuel 2
Galatians 1
As we do this God will give us a new sound to get us delivered!
This message links to the message given to us at the beginning:
“ Prophetic city  with prophetic people who need to fulfil the prophetic message they carry for the city  and the nation– Rev 10 vs 10 THE LITTLE BOOK- SWEET IN THE MOUTH , BUT BITTER ON THE BELLY – carry out the prophetic message and make it known, decree and establish it so the will of God can come unto manifest. Keep the prophetic word active (Joshua 1vs 8)- live breathe and absorb the prophetic word into our minds. Have a hunger for it and hold on to the hope that the word brings and it will come to fulfilment.”
We also had the opportunity to pray in the Local Government’s chambers. We prayed in both the chamber where the Executive Committee of Council meet and the General Chamber where the whole Council sits to administrate the affairs of the city. We also prayed in the City Hall.
As a representative of AIPAC, Apostle Tim came with a mandate to realign the church in KZN with God’s will concerning Israel. We had a meeting with the Jewish leadership in the City, the province and South Africa. We were able to agree with them the need to mobilise the church (as a natural ally) in South Africa to support God’s will concerning Israel and the Jewish people. A succinct action plan needs to be developed to execute this kingdom mandate.
During this visit we saw God’s mighty hand in uniting His Church, bringing it into ONENESS to execute His will on the earth and ensure His Kingdom comes and His will is done – to the glory of His name.
Praise be to God!