We already finished with the first week in January 2019 and the year already feels like it started with a gallop, a huge forward surge.

Apostle Natasha has recently been teaching us that the number nine (9) in the Hebrew “TET” is all about perception, how we see things.
What kind of lens are you looking through to define your vision…?
Do you see with your good eye or your evil eye?
Eyes can be “good” in scripture that means they are full of light or revelation;
they can be “evil” that means they are full of darkness – operating out of another spirit.
We see according to what our lenses focus on, and the kind of filter that we use.

As Christians our lenses should be set on the cross.

At our last meeting for 2018 The Lord called us to a new level of consecration.
 2019 will be different, we will need to be even more dedicated to His purposes than ever. We are going to find ourselves in a brand new place, with brand new encounters, somewhere we have never been before now.

We should never judge people for the season that they are currently in.  We have to agree with what God says about the season that we are in at present.  It is not about how we see it.
We should not judge from our perception alone, but that we should try to discern from how God would perceive a situation or a season.