16 – 17 November 2018

Our dear friends Kevin & Annette Ahalt invited Apostle Natasha to their home base church, HIM (Harvest International Ministries) to share with leaders and intercessors what the Lord had placed on her heart. Annette had received that Apostle Natasha had really moved into a new place in the spirit carrying a new mantle of prayer, she wanted to see the impartation for their ministry and for nations.

The weekend ended with powerful travailing intercession, the anointing and the impartation was released upon all that were present, evidenced by some of the feedback.

Here is some of the feedback that was received:

“Thank you so very much for the opportunity to be a part of this weekend.  I thought this meeting was fantastic and so insightful. To hear and see some of what God has been doing for 30 years. I am so grateful.  Also, to be reminded how we must lay our opinions, thoughts and our life down for God’s Kingdom to be manifested because it is ALL about Him.
I also loved the “mini” sermons because there was so much divine, insightful revelation that came out of them. I am so thankful to be learning more and more about living a life that is pleasing and desirable to God. Also, to be learning more and more about what God’s ways are and they are not as we hear (even from churches)… especially about ‘honor’.”

Sandra Goodman


“I learned how essential our connection with people and nations have become in these last days especially when choosing purity over policy.  In the past I have prayed prayers that gave me high expectations based on misinformation which caused a lot of frustration.  However, I now understand that my Prayer-time is connected to my Worship-time that provides a pathway that turns my worry into worship and my battles into blessings.  I now see Prayer as a war-ship – a battleship where I war against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, wicked spirits in high places for America, South Africa and other nations of the world.   I am grateful for the insight gleaned from the teaching of Apostle Natasha this week-end.”
Polly Gore


“Apostle Natasha’s rich revelation and impartation have deeply impacted us. We are currently delving into the Repentance book as well as the “Travailing Intercession” cds. We are thrilled that the LORD continues to teach us His ways and look forward to what He has for us.”
Clayton and Tonja Taylor