Ariel Gate has been helping people to do bloodline cleansing for decades now. Apostle Natasha Grbich has been ministering and teaching about cleansing generational sin and iniquities since the 80’s. Her team has prayed for many well known ministers who are household names in the Christian world. Her teaching on the books of destiny for nations, tribes and tongues has encouraged believers for more than twenty years. Here is an excerpt from the book:

God has a plan for our lives that has already been written in a book for us. We are to follow in the way that He has prepared. Jesus is the pattern and the way. John 14:6 “Jesus said to him, I am the way…” If we do not look like Jesus, then we are not in the way and we are in some other way or path. A way is a mindset or a lifestyle that you live every day.

When you sin, you begin to walk in a way or path that is not God’s. The only way to get back on God’s path is to repent. Repentance is a 180 degree turnaround. Repentance means that we stop walking on the path of sin and we return to God’s path. We agree with God and disagree with everything else that is said about us. That includes our own thoughts about ourselves. If they do not agree with God then we need to repent of them and agree with what God says. Even if we do not understand, we choose, by faith, to agree with God and His Word. In this, we shame the devil. He has us believing and worshipping another opinion about ourselves. He has us making contracts and deals that cause us to reject God. Repentance is a conscious and deliberate breaking of our agreement with Satan and coming back onto the Highway of Holiness which is God’s way.

Throughout the scriptures you will see God calling us to make our paths straight (Isaiah 40:3-4) and avoid the paths of unrighteousness (Proverbs 4:14- 19). We have all sinned and have left His way for our own. Repentance is to acknowledge that we have been agreeing with Satan and make a decision to now agree with God. We decide to stop sinning and get back into God’s way which is Jesus.

The House of Ariel Gate has been equipping people for decades, to return to the original purpose God intended for them and we have several available resources:

*  Repentance:  Cleansing Your Generational Bloodline (available as a physical or ebook)
*  FREE Introduction 2015 Repentance Schools (available on MP3 download)
*  2016 Repentance School – Level 1 (available on CD set or MP3 download)
* 2017 Repentance School – Level 2 (available on CD Set)
*  2018 Repentance School – Level 3 (still running and CD’s available, next class date 15 September 2018, see our calendar for more dates)