Our Feast of Tabernacles was very different, due to the date and location being shuffled around this year and also the planning and organising of the Egypt trip.  The feast thus ended up being held in Johannesburg for a Saturday only.

This was very significant for us as The House Of Ariel Gate, seeing that during the week building up to the event we had erected our very own Gazebo in the garden. Our own permanent sukkah in our garden!
“A real manifestation” of Sukkot / Tabernacles.  The dwelling of God with us.

Each Tabernacles at Ariel Gate, we learn a different facet of who God is and why we as Christians should uphold this appointed time with God.  It is always a special time.

Apostle Natasha taught  that being under the shadow of God’s wing is a very intimate place to be and we experienced a “glimpse” of it by doing a practical implementation / execution of what the angles would look like around the Mercy Seat of God.

People that took part were amazed by the experience and the presence that they felt and many felt healing in their hearts, the Lord touched places of hopelessness and despair in their hearts.
The reports are that many truly experienced God in a brandnew way!!

If you think of the Feast of Tabernacles – and you think that you have “done that before”;
listen to this set as it will enhance your way of seeing the feast with fresh perspective and different insights!

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