25 – 27 October 2019


By Tania Stokes 

Although it was my first time to be in the USA attending church with Apostle Timothy Carscadden, it felt as if I was with family through watching their services via Social Media.  His congregation welcomed us and I could sense that they have a long standing relationship with Apostle Natasha that has been built over many years and has gone through various trials.

The Breakthrough Conference was the culmination of Christian Centre Shreveport teaching classes for weeks about deliverance and what holds believers captive.

People travelled from Baton Rouge and Houston to attend the conference.  Apostle Natasha’s teaching into God’s Pattern and the Kingdom of Priests brought clarity on why we need deliverance, become clean in the sight of God and do what He requires from us, so as not to be ‘coach potatoes’ in His House.  Apostle Natasha spoke on Repentance, Travailing Intercession, The Protocol of The Kingdom, Trading with Heaven and How to Build The Tabernacle of The Lord and pulled it together as to create a broader understanding.  After the last session Apostle Timothy’s team ministered to the groups that diligently went through the classes and so many where set free from bondage. 

I believe this conference was the tipping point to deeper understanding of what the House of Prayer really is.